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Pro-Ageing Hair Care: 5 Tips to Embrace Maturing Hair

Ageing is a natural and graceful journey, rich with its own beauty. Embracing this process allows us to appreciate the elegance and wisdom that come with maturity. While it’s natural to cherish a youthful appearance, remember that true beauty resonates from within and is perceived uniquely by each beholder. 

Like our skin, hair evolves over time. It may not wrinkle in the same way, but it can become drier, thinner, and weaker. In Italian we say, “tutto arriva nella vita, presto o tardi.”, which translates to, “everything comes in life, sooner or later.” This natural transition of our hair is a beautiful aspect of ageing, which we can cherish and enhance with care and grace. 

Following the guidance of our Hair Maestro, Rossano Ferretti himself, this pro-ageing hair treatment guide uses a natural, gentle approach to keep hair nourished, vibrant and full of vitality. The journey is, then, one with softer, more pliable, and radiant hair that lingers throughout the senior years. Afterall, ageing gracefully does not mean simply resigning effort and care, nor does it mean aspiring to look like you are 20-something. We suggest a delicate balance of flowing with time and adjusting your hair care routine to soothe the ageing process. 

What happens to hair as it ages? 

As we journey through life, our hair also experiences its own evolution. Some are internal, while others are external. 

As we get older and our cells age, processes such as blood circulation slow down. This means oxygen and nutrients fail to reach and nourish hair follicles as excessively as in our younger days.  

At the same time, exposure to elements such as the sun, pollution, harsh chemicals, and even heat styling can speed up the hair ageing process, turning strands frail long before their time.  

blond girls with long hair in a car

What is proageing hair care? 

Pro-ageing hair care is devoted to nourishing hair to restore nutrients and moisture that the body may no longer be able to produce without help. 

A healthy, wholesome lifestyle is essential, and plenty of water and nutritious eating will make a notable difference (think long, lazy days where healthy Mediterranean inspired meals are enjoyed under the blue skies and in the invigorating fresh air). 

Scalp care is also essential. Our scalps are often overlooked and don’t get the self-care needed to form a fertile foundation for our locks. The beauty of our hair depends on the health of the skin beneath it, ? 

5 tips for keeping mature hair healthy and happy 

In our guide, we celebrate the journey of hair as it matures, offering a nurturing routine that honours and revitalizes ageing hair. This includes caring for your scalp and hair with the aim of enhancing their natural vitality and texture, celebrating the ageing process with grace and beauty. 

Healing and protecting the scalp 

Exfoliate and detoxify your scalp weekly with a gentle, invigorating scalp scrub. This will help to remove impurities such as dead cells and product build-up. A professional scalp scrub will also tantalisingly infuse the skin on your head with ingredients that can protect it from more damage, all while harmoniously stimulating cells to increase oxygen flow.

Prodigio Scalp Scrub from Rossano Ferretti Parma


Strengthening brittle hair strands 

The stronger your strands are, the more resilient they are. This means they won’t fall prey to harsh external elements as easily.

Rossano Ferretti’s Vita Collection is the ideal solution for hair that’s frail and yearning for devoted attention and extra reinforcement.

Drawing inspiration from the quenching autumn rains that revitalise the Tuscany countryside, this collection includes a shampoo, hair mask, and serum that collectively work to strengthen strands, rejuvenating them in the process.  

Combatting volume loss 

As hair matures, it often becomes thinner. We recommend a luxury hair care routine that includes the Grandioso collection to make your hair feel and appear delectably lush. *Alternate between Vita and Grandioso products to encourage rejuvenated, volumised hair. Containing over 92% naturally derived ingredients, this shampoo, conditioner, and volumising spray adds instant lift and buoyancy to hair, thus giving it that vibrant, full look.

Rossano Ferretti Parma Grandioso and Vita shampoos


Rejuvenating dry hair 

Moisturising proageing hair care products are essential for nurturing mature strands, quenching their thirst with vital hydration. 

For this, we advocate our award-winning Prodigio pre-wash regenerating treatment.

A small amount goes a long way, and adding this step to your hair-washing routine will help to maintain and harmonise moisture levels in your hair so that it’s softer and looks and feels “renewed” to the touch. It also adds elasticity to your strands so that you can continue to shape your locks into flowing, youthful styles.  

Repairing damage 

Aging is a natural process, but with the right care, its effects can be gracefully managed. RF’s Prodigio Oil is designed to both prevent and repair damage, nurturing the ageing process. 

Apply this protective, renewing treatment to your hair as a final touch after styling. You can also apply it to wet hair if you prefer to allow your locks to air dry naturally.  

The weightless formula works to seal split ends and protects the hair shaft from external elements that may play havoc with healthy hair. The result is lustrous, smooth hair that emanates radiance.  

Prodigio Treatment and Oil from Rossano Ferretti Parma


At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we believe that everyone can age beautifully, naturally. Our natural, vegan and cruelty-free products and routines are created to lovingly care for maturing hair as it gracefully progresses through life’s stages.  

“One day you will look back and see that all along you were blooming.”  

– Morgan Harper Nichols