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Rossano Ferretti HairSpa: Rosewood Hong Kong unveils Italian hair luxury

We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of the Rossano Ferretti HairSpa at Asaya, nestled within the prestigious Rosewood Hotel in Hong Kong. This marks a significant milestone for the Rossano Ferretti brand as we introduce our celebrated haircare philosophy and the exclusive Ferretti Metodo Cut to the discerning clientele of Greater China. In partnership with Asaya, the acclaimed urban wellness retreat, we are set to redefine luxury haircare and beauty wellness in this vibrant metropolis. 

A Symphony of Wellness and Bespoke Beauty 

Our collaboration with Rosewood Hong Kong is born out of a shared commitment to holistic wellness and unparalleled service excellence. The Rossano Ferretti HairSpa is designed to be a haven of beauty and relaxation, where every service is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and innovation in haircare.  

Hugo Montanari, Managing Director of Rosewood Hong Kong, perfectly captures the essence of our venture: 

As we celebrate the 5th anniversary of Rosewood Hong Kong, we are delighted to introduce the Rossano Ferretti HairSpa to our esteemed guests. In this exquisite collaboration, hair becomes an expression of craftsmanship and artistry. Reserve a front-row seat in the world where beauty takes centre stage, and experience the meticulous sculpting of each hair strand with unparalleled haircare from Italy.” 

The Essence of Italian Aesthetic: Our Hair Spa’s Design 

Immersing guests in the quintessential Rossano Ferretti experience starts with our spa’s ambiance. The design of the Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa echoes our brand’s philosophy of elegance, simplicity, and purity. With a clean, minimal aesthetic that reflects our signature look and feel, the space itself serves as a sanctuary of tranquility and luxury. Every detail, from the layout to the lighting, has been meticulously curated to ensure that guests are enveloped in an atmosphere that not only soothes the senses but also elevates the haircare experience to an art form. 

Empowering Wellness with Rossano Ferretti’s Expertise 

The addition of Rossano Ferretti’s unparalleled haircare services to Asaya’s comprehensive wellness offerings is a testament to our pursuit of creating a holistic and integrative wellness experience. Our collaboration continues to enrich Asaya’s repertoire, allowing us to provide guests with a unique journey that transcends traditional hair styling and embraces a full spectrum of beauty and well-being services. 

The Art of Hair by Rossano Ferretti 

With decades of experience and a clientele that includes global celebrities and royalty, our founder, Rossano Ferretti, has revolutionized the hair styling world with his innovative techniques and the groundbreaking “Ferretti Metodo Cut.” This technique, along with our multi-award-winning Rossano Ferretti Parma haircare line, embodies our philosophy of individual beauty and wellness. Our hair spa in Hong Kong is a testament to Rossano’s vision of offering a unique, transformative haircare experience that resonates with the luxury and tranquility of Asaya. 

Steve Desobeau, Director of Wellness for Asaya, also mentioned, “By joining hands with Rossano, Asaya has been enriched and empowered to offer even more comprehensive wellness treatments to our esteemed guests. This collaboration now includes top-notch haircare services, ensuring our guests receive a truly integrative wellness experience at Asaya.” 

“I’m thrilled to bring my long-awaited Hair Spa to the Greater China in Rosewood Hong Kong to elevate the art of hairdressing in this dynamic and culturally rich area. Asaya is the perfect choice for our Hair Spa, as it embodies the essence of luxury and tranquillity that aligns seamlessly with our vision. We’ll create an unmatched experience where guests can enjoy the exclusively available and world-famous Ferretti Metodo Cut and discover the beauty within their hair and spirit.” says Rossano Ferretti. 

A Curated Experience for Every Guest 

Central to our Rossano Ferretti HairSpa philosophy is our belief in the power of personalized care. Our specially trained Hair Artists conduct thorough consultations to tailor every treatment to the guest’s preferences and hair needs, utilizing our bespoke Rossano Ferretti Parma products, ranging from shampoos, conditioners, masks, serums, oils, sprays and a world-class regenerating hair treatment. This attention to detail ensures a customized experience that elevates the health and beauty of your hair. 


Join Us on a Journey of Transformation 

We invite you to reserve your transformative experience with us. For bookings, please contact +852 3891 8588 or email [email protected] 

Experience the ultimate in Italian luxury and craftsmanship, and let us guide you on a journey to discover the true essence of your hair’s beauty and spirit. Welcome to Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa at Asaya, where luxury meets the art of haircare.