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Your winter hair care routine

Baby, it’s cold outside! Gone are those long, lazy summer days filled with crisp drinks by the pool and hair so hydrated it shimmered brighter than water itself. But don’t let the nip in the air get you down! Now’s the time to switch to a winter hair care routine that will keep your locks nourished and vibrant.

At Rossano Ferretti (RF), we’re all too aware of the effects winter can have on your tresses. From dryness, static, and frizz to dandruff and lacklustre locks, the colder months can play havoc with your hair.

But to ensure your beautiful crown doesn’t fall victim to the change of season, our team of Italian hair artists has created a winter hair care routine that will leave your strands healthy, smooth, and glossy. You’ll be the sun that shines on the dreariest of days!

Our winter hair care tips:

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Rossano Ferretti Parma's Prodigio regenerating oil and Brillante protect and shine oil.The air tends to be dryer in winter than in summer, which means it’s going to look for every source to pull water from, including your hair. Stay one step ahead by deeply moisturising your locks so that you can share hydration with the atmosphere and still have quenched tresses that are happy and healthy.

Our top product for moisture: Brillante Protect & Shine Oil. What we LOVE about this formula is that it can be applied to wet or dry hair, making it the perfect “on-the-go” winter companion. When your locks are feeling dry or looking dull, simply apply this grape and rosemary-infused hair oil to the lengths of your hair. The ingredients then work to deeply hydrate, seal, and protect tresses from the winter sun and harsh air.

Another favourite is Prodigio Regenerating Hair Supplement. This hair oil protects hair in winter by sealing split ends and repairing any damage caused by summer and the new elements.

Combat frizzRossano Ferretti Parma's Velluto straightening, anti-frizz serum.

A key sign that your strands are suffering from winter dryness is when they go awry and start lifting from the head. Combat this chaos by applying an anti-frizz serum to your hair. Velluto Anti-Frizz Straightening Serum is perfect for flawlessly smooth tresses while Favoloso Perfect Curls Enhancing Serum can be used to keep curls and waves tamed and defined.

Inspired by our love for Italy and the beautiful people with fuller-looking hair, RF has also developed an enriching formula perfect for thick, vigorous locks. Enter our Intenso Smoothing Serum! This luxury serum hydrates, moisturises, and detangles frizzy, tangled, or coarse thick hair so that flyaways are no longer a concern!

Change your hair washing routine 

Lightweight shampoos and conditioners are ideal for summer, but for winter, you may need to switch to hair cleansing products that are enriched with moisturising properties. Sulfates should also be avoided since they strip hair of natural oils that are needed even more during dry and cold winters.

Tip: Avoid over-washing hair, which can also strip it of natural hair oils. Instead, use a dry shampoo creme between wash days to refreshen and lift limp, lacklustre hair.

Rossano Ferretti Parma's Prodigio scalp scrub.Invest in a good scalp scrub

Want to know how to take care of hair in winter? Get yourself a quality scalp scrub!

A good scrub will remove product build-up, which is especially important during the party season! It will also stimulate healthy hair growth, ensuring you have rejuvenated, vibrant strands that can withstand the frosty weather.

Change your approach to hair-drying

In summer you could get away with leaving the house with wet hair, but in winter, cold air expands the hair shaft and lifts the cuticles. This makes it more prone to moisture loss, breakage and can also lead to colour fading faster. At the same time, you want to avoid frequent heat styling to reduce heat damage.

Our advice: allow your hair to air dry naturally while indoors or use a hair dryer on a low heat setting if you’re in a hurry.

Protect your locks

They say prevention is better than the cure, and when it comes to your hair, we agree!Rossano Ferretti Parma's Prodigio regenerating treatment

Protect your hair from harsh, cold elements by using a winter hair care routine designed to shield your strands while nourishing them.

Commit to a weekly deep conditioning and reparative pre-wash mask. Prodigio Regenerating Treatment is ideal! Apply it to the lengths of your hair before washing. The result is softer strands that are more resilient against winter damage, all while the formula works to repair and regenerate damage caused during summer. It’s a win-win!

Oh, my hat!

One great thing about winter is that you get to accessorise with gorgeous woollen hats and patterned scarves. But just make sure these are lined with silk so that they don’t rub against your tresses and cause friction and breakage! And the same goes for a silk pillowcase – get yourself one! 

Stay hydrated

Last, but not least, drink plenty of water!

Did you know that a single strand of hair is made up of 25% water?

Hydration starts from within, and drinking enough water helps energise and encourage hair growth from root to tip. It also helps your scalp to thrive, preventing scalp problems such as dryness, itchiness, or dandruff during the winter.

Drink water to prevent split ends and brittle hair – and foster shiny, radiant hair instead!

Get yourself a glass of water – salute!