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The Best Treatment to Repair Split Ends

We’re here to say ADDIO to split ends once and for all – and we encourage you to join our anti split end revolution! Pesky broken ends and flyaways can cause havoc on hair that would otherwise be smooth, lush and, well, favolosi! To swoop in and help you make your precious hair a statement of personal beauty, the Rossano Ferretti team has shared some top tips on how to repair split ends.

But first –

What causes split ends?

Split ends are caused by several factors, but the most common include:

  • Brushing hair harshly and excessively
  • Drying hair too roughly
  • Allowing your hair to rub against rough fabrics
  • Harsh at-home colour treatments
  • Home-use chemical treatments (perms and relaxers)
  • Hot styling tools
  • Dry, undernourished hair

Mamma mia, all these things damage the cuticle on the hair shaft! As you lose more cuticle layers, your tresses become weak and split and fray.

A good start in the treatment process is to avoid all the above.

Why do split ends make hair look unhealthy?

Split ends tend to result in frizzy hair that’s hard to tame. You may also find that your locks are lacklustre in appearance, making it hard to attain a glossy, vibrant hair “do.”

This is because the broken ends and damaged cuticle battle to retain moisture, meaning they are dull and dry – which is not how anyone should have their hair look or feel!

But before this conversation gets too joyless, let’s focus on the light at the end of the tunnel!

Si, we have the SECRET (segreto) to gorgeous, split end-free hair!

How to repair split ends? (Or Avoid Them Altogether)!

Towel-Dry Your Hair with Care

When your hair is wet, your cuticle swells and becomes more vulnerable. If you’re going to rub a rough towel against this hair to dry it, then oh mio Dio, most cuticles are going to split, snag, and break. The solution: take it easy with the towel!

If you can, rather gently squeeze excess water out your hair bit by bit – or use a soft cotton shirt (or the equivalent) to softly pat your hair dry.

Turn Down the HeatImage of the Prodigio regenerating oil by Rossano Ferretti Parma, resting on a leaf

If you’re serious about preventing split ends, it pays to ditch the hot styling tools, including your blow-dryer. The heat from these tools can eventually dry out your locks, leaving them dry, brittle, and more prone to breakage.

It’s a good thing naturally dried hair is, in our opinion, il miglior modo to show off your hair’s natural beauty!

If you must apply heat, you’re going to want to get your hands on a protective hair oil. For this, we highly recommend our Prodigio Regenerating Hair Oil.

Not only does this formula help keep hair resilient to damage, but it’s also THE best split end treatment. Why? Because it helps to seal split ends and continuously works to regenerate hair fibre from within. As a PLUS, it can be used on damp OR dry hair, without weighing your beautiful locks down or leaving a greasy residue. C’mon – make it your new best friend!

Image of the Prodigio pre-shampoo regenerating treatment by Rossano Ferretti Parma, resting on a leafUse a Nourishing Shampoo and Hair Mask

For intense damage repair, use Prodigio Treatment as a pre-wash mask once a week. Only a small amount is needed to make a GRANDE difference (even on the most bleached or over-processed hair)! Complete this routine by washing your hair with a nourishing, sulphate-free shampoo such as Dolce Repair and Nourish Shampoo.

This regimen will help to replenish, regenerate, and renew your hair, keeping split ends and the havoc they cause at bay.

Tip: Indulge in our Dolce Nourish & Repair Hair Mask for faster, more visible results. Designed to deeply hydrate even the driest hair, this mask will keep your strands soft and supple so that they’re less likely to break.

Sleep Like Royalty

Yes – our advice here is to sleep like a queen!

Make it a priority to invest in a silk pillowcase. This delectable fabric will help to prevent friction on your hair while you sleep, which can often lead to breakage and even more split ends. The silk fabric also helps your hair to retain moisture, leaving it hydrated and nourished instead of parched and vulnerable. Una semplice solution that can easily be put into practice!

One last thing…

One last piece of RF expert advice is to trim your ends regularly. Our team welcomes you to one of our luxury destination hair spas and will happily trim your hair to remove dead, dry ends that are more susceptible to splitting. The further up the shaft split ends travel, the more challenging it can be to treat (so Snip them in the bud as the saying goes!)!

Continuously looking after hair and adopting a good hair routine is the best way to repair split ends and say ADDIO to them for good!