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bleached hair

How to make bleached hair look and feel amazing 

They say blondes have more fun. This could be true, although, caring for bleached or coloured blonde hair can be anything but thrilling at times. The elements alone can play havoc with lighter shades, which are more prone to colour and tone fade, leaving your locks dull and brassy. Bleached hair is also more prone to breakage, due to the chemical process that is involved in going lighter, which means that you need to take extra measures to keep it in a radiant sun-kissed state.  

But don’t let this deter you from trying out invigorating blonde tones this summer. With a little effort and the right professional hair care products at your disposal, (that’s where we come in), you can be proof that blondes certainly do have more fun! At Rossano Ferretti Parma  we are here to help you make your blonde hair look and feel amazing (with minimum effort)! 

Tips to keep your bleached hair looking fabulous: 

Keep your hair hydrated bleached hair

Whether you are adding subtle highlights to your hair or going full-blown BLONDE, striving to attain that perfect shade can really put hair through the wringer. Lifting dark shades from strands can be a harsh process that strips hair of moisture, nourishing oils, and nutrients. This means that we need to put extra effort into ensuring that moisture is added back to our locks for hair that is silky, smooth, and gloriously supple.  

We suggest that you follow each shampoo wash with a deep conditioning routine.   

Another golden rule of keeping bleached hair healthy is to apply a hair mask at least once a week. A nourishing and regenerating hair mask will deeply hydrate your hair, quench its thirst and inject  it with much needed moisture and life.  

Wash your hair less often 

Let’s be clear, we are by no means advocating for dirty hair here. According to our team of Rossano Ferretti hair experts, easing up on how often you shampoo your hair can work wonders to retain moisture and protect your blonde from fading. When you wash your hair, you strip your strands of the natural hair oils that keep them moisturised and nourished. Also, the more you wash your hair, the more often you will need to dry it and take it through styling process, which can leave your hair more prone to breakage and looking lack-lustre. 

Try to get into the habit of washing your blonde tresses once or twice a week only using a gentle nourishing shampoo that stimulates and repairs hair for a soft and healthy look and feel.  

Tip: use a professional dry shampoo in between washes to keep your hair fresh, clean, and volumised 

Dry your hair naturally 

With summer fast approaching and effortless hairstyles being the “in” thing, this method should come easily. Set your blow-dryer and hot styling tools aside for a now and allow your blonde locks to dry naturally. This way, you can protect them from being overly subjected to heat while naturally locking in moisture.  

If however, you can’t do away with your favourite heat styler , try to keep them on a low cool setting and don ‘t forget to apply a heatprotective spray to your hair.  

You can use Dolce Protect and Detangle Spray  to protect your strands from heat, UV damage and colour loss. Not only will this multi-benefit spray protect your hair from styling and environmental aggressors, but it  will also leave your hair more manageable and radiantly healthy! Just like magic! 

Treat your hair with the best products 

Blonde haircare doesn’t have to be timeconsuming, and you also don’t need to load your bathroom shelves with tons of products to maintain your preferred look.  

It’s all about sourcing the best haircare products for your hair. At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we offer a unique range of designer Italian hair products that keep bleached and blonde haircare simple.  

Take our Prodigio hair treatment as an example. This intense pre-wash mask helps repair the driest, most damaged or over-processed hair, working to leave it ultra-soft, silky, healthy and strong in as little as one use! Any top-grade hairstylist will attest that upgrading your ‘hairdrobe’ with high-performing, quality haircare products makes all the difference!  

regenerating maskFind a good stylist 

A good stylist and hair colour specialist will know how to work with your hair-type so that you can attain the shade of blonde you had in mind whilst keeping hair damage minimal. 

We also suggest that you visit your stylist frequently for a trim.  

Your locks can easily get matted and tangled when they are bleached because the hair cuticle is likely to be more raised, compared to darker or virgin hair. Heat styling tools can also cause split ends and flyaways. If you trim your hair regularly however, you can keep dead and split ends at bay. The result? Blonde hair that is smoother and much, much more manageable.  

The bottom line… 

By including these hairstylist tips into your blonde hair care routine, we are certain that you will be well on your way to healthier, radiant and luminous looking blonde locks. Select the right quality products, visit your hairstylist frequently, and give your tresses the attention they need – your hair is worth it and so are you!