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Creating a global legacy: Italian Designer Haircare

Anyone can have beautiful hair – Rossano Ferretti Parma has the key. Unlocking hairdressing potential across the globe, our legacy is reaching new heights. We are elevating the hairdressing industry, showcasing the artistry of hair to the world, evoking emotions, and sharing formulas for where sophistication and the beauty of natural hair come alive.

“Rossano Ferretti has worked to inspire hairdressers to become more than cut, colour, and styling specialists for over three decades. Now, we reap the fruit of this labour, partnering with hair stylists to transition them into Hair Artists influenced by authentic Italian designer haircare virtuosity.”

Graham Markwick, CEO, Rossano Ferretti Parma

Image of Rossano Ferretti in one of his salons with two other women and various products from his brand Rossano Ferretti Parma.

While our bequest might sound extravagant, our mission is humble. To put it simply, we are storytellers. Storytelling is cemented in our Italian heritage. At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we use hair as our canvas to illustrate that haircare can create confidence, self-love, experiences, memories, and so much more.


More than just luxury haircare…

What’s important for you to know about Rossano Ferretti Parma is that we are creators. Our legacy is built on formulas crafted for hair needs, not commercialism. So, while we do persevere to deliver exclusive, luxury hair products, our core supports authenticity and formulas and hair techniques that cater to individualism. In other words, we have created a line of hair shampoos, conditioners, and treatments that work.

This is why our crafting process is much longer than traditional methods. We use natural ingredients, taking time to test and combine them, rather than using “quick fix” chemical-based ingredients. We draw inspiration from nature, especially our very own Italian landscapes, and study hair types, needs, and goals to enkindle the very best hair care, based on expert skincare technology.

“My passion for hair artistry and the uniqueness and beauty of natural hair dates back over 30 years. And now, our legacy is blossoming worldwide!”

Rossano Ferretti  

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Why is our approach to hair one of a kind?

Our hair maestro, Rossano Ferretti, has spent the last three decades travelling the world to study and understand diverse hair types and cultures. His knowledge, pure passion for hair beauty, and motivation for nurturing natural hair influenced our brand, allowing us to delve deep into individual hair needs and self-care needs so that we can create unforgettable, sensorial experiences.

Our approach also continues to support Ferretti’s signature “Ferretti Invisible Cut,” or Ferretti Metodo Cut. This revolutionary haircutting method offers a seamless cut, allowing hair to fall and flow naturally. The technique helps individuals gain the confidence they need to embrace the beauty and uniqueness of their own hair – an ethos of our legacy.

Through global partnerships, our influence expands, and we now have it in our capacity to elevate the hair industry. We share our hair care collections and techniques with premium, curated salons that share our passion for enhancing the hair spa experience through personalised hair beauty treatments and Italian designer haircare.

“We have been passionately taking care of hair for three generations, and now we have the power to bring our expertise to premium, independent salons.”

Rossano Ferretti

Image of Rossano Ferretti cutting a lady's hair.

Maintaining traction…

Our legacy and creating continues as ideas and opportunities unfold, solidifying Rossano Ferretti Parma’s stake and influence in the beauty industry.

Examples of this traction include Rossano’s designation as head judge of his brand-new and ground-breaking global TV show titled “Hairstyle: The Talent Show.” This reality show is set to air in 2023 across networks worldwide. And will see an all-star judging panel with celebrity appearances. The talent show will highlight hairdressing as an authentic artform using Rossano Ferretti’s invaluable library of information on natural, personal haircare.

In the background, our luxury haircare products continue to win awards in several countries. Attention is thus drawn to their original, Italian-inspired scents, rich yet lightweight textures, and, most of all, their effectiveness.

“Since the brand’s inception, Rossano has continued to grow an acclaimed international network where you can find Rossano Ferretti Parma products in some of the most exclusive hair spas in many of the most prestigious hotels around the world.”

Stefania Colman, Creative Director, Rossano Ferretti Parma

Whether you are a fellow hair artist, passionista, or an individual seeking beautiful hair that complements your look and your personality, our brand is set to make huge strides in haircare – we invite you to participate in this revolution…grazie.