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get rid of static hair

How to get rid of static hair

Hello! We’re Rossano Ferretti Parma and we’re here to give you the very best winter haircare advice!

So –

You’ve tried everything to keep your locks smooth and glossy, but mamma mia dry static hair has gotten the better of you! No need to fret! Our team of world-famous hair experts are here to help you!

If you’re wondering how to get static out of hair, we have the formula for soft, tamable locks that look beautiful throughout the year.

But first – let’s get to the “root” of the problem:

What causes static in hair?

Static hair is the result of electrons gathering in the hair strands. When your hair is dry and the air is dry, then there’s no “attracting” environment for electrons to move to. This means that they build up when friction is applied (like when you pull a sweater over your head or take a beanie off). This causes the strands to repel each other and stand away.

While static hair is not harmful itself, it can lead to brittle and frizzy hair. It also makes brushing, styling, and maintaining healthy locks rather difficult.

How to get rid of static hair?

Static hair can easily be avoided with the use of quality hair care products that have been created to infuse hair with moisture. Hair that’s hydrated will dispel electrons, preventing them from gathering to cause a state of disarray.

Our top pro tips:

Wash your hair with a moisturising shampooImage of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Dolce nourishing shampoo

Some shampoo brands contain harsh chemicals or sulfates that strip natural nourishing oils from hair and the scalp. What you need to do is invest in an ultra-moisturising sulfate-free shampoo that hydrates as it cleanses. This way, you’ll be moisturising your locks so that a healthy hair environment is maintained.

*Try to wash your hair every 2nd or 3rd day only – so that it has a chance to really soak in those natural invigorating hair oils.

Always condition your hair

Conditioning your hair is important all year round, but especially during winter, due to cold dry air, so it’s vital that you moisturise your tresses at every opportunity.

A good conditioner will add extra moisture to your locks and improve hair manageability (leaving your strands luxuriously soft to the touch).

Now, some conditioners are specifically formulated to decrease frizz but feel free to pick any moisturising conditioner from our collection that suits your hair type.

You may also want to treat yourself to a leave-in conditioner. We recommend our award-winning Vivace Leave-In Conditioner. This spray detangles and moisturises hair, keeping it silky for hours after use (go on, treat yourself)!

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's masks and conditioners.

Indulge in a luxury hair mask

If you battle with dry hair during the summer, you may find that your usual shampoo and conditioner combo might not be enough for you during the colder months.

For hair that’s optimally nourished and hydrated (and not prone to static), add a moisturising hair mask to your hair care regimen. Intenso Softening and Smoothing Mask is great for thick & coily unruly hair. It can be used weekly to deeply hydrate locks so that your hair is silkier and much easier to control. You can also find the perfect luxury hair mask for you if your hair is fine, damaged, ageing or dry.

Style your hair with care

Blow dryers and hot styling tools are great for helping us to attain that perfect “do”, but they can also deplete moisture levels in our hair, leaving our locks thirstier than before. As we mentioned, dry hair tends to be more prone to static.

The solution is to prep and protect your hair before you apply heat.

Try our Brillante Protect and Shine Oil. Using a rich concentration of natural oils, this formula helps seal moisture into the hair shaft to prevent it from drying out. It also provides a beautiful glossy sheen with absolutely no oily residue.

Our Dolce Satin Glow Booster is another FABULOUS heat-protective product that takes luxury haircare to a new level. Just a few sprays onto damp hair will help you to combat frizz and reduce moisture loss for a sleeker, glowing look.

Looking for instant results?Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Velluto straightening, anti-frizz serum.

We get it. You’re busy!

For a quick solution to preventing static hair, we recommend using a smoothing serum that effortlessly whips hair into shape.

Enter Velluto Straightening Serum.

Apply Velluto serum to damp hair for straight and smooth hair that is soft and shiny. Inspired by the winters in the Italian Alps, this formula hydrates hair and instantly eliminates frizz and tames static for a neat, managed look.

More tips for static-free hair:

Using the best luxury haircare products will take you 99% of the way when it comes to reducing hair static. But there are a few other things you can do to stop static hair altogether. We suggest that you:

  1. Try to blow-dry your hair less often. When you allow your hair to air dry, you give your strands a chance to hold onto as much moisture as possible, and they’re also then less prone to breakage.
  2. Invest in a silk pillow. Silk pillowcases reduce friction between your hair and the surface you’re sleeping on, which means that there will be fewer electrons moving around (and less breakage).
  3. Winter hats are more than just head warmers. Cosy warm hats are not only great for keeping your head and ears warm but they’re actually also great at protecting your strands against cold outdoor temperature. Our tip? Opt for those with a silk or satin lining to reduce hair friction against thicker wool or acrylic fibres.