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HairStyle: The Talent Show – The New World of Hairdressing

As our renowned Italian hair Maestro Rossano Ferretti once said, “Hair is a beautiful form of self-expression.” It’s this belief that fuels the essence of HairStyle: The Talent Show, now streaming on Rakuten across the globe (see full list of countries the US edition of the show is available to watch at the end of this article). This show isn’t just another reality TV series; it’s a ground breaking platform for passionate hairstylists, a concept derived from Rossano Ferretti’s desire to spotlight the art of hairdressing. 

An image of Rossano Ferretti with the HairStyle: The Talent Show logo in the background

A Vision Beyond a Documentary 

Initially a TV producer were considering a documentary on his illustrious career; Rossano Ferretti decided to take a more dynamic and impactful route. “A documentary about my life would be an interesting story I’m sure, but a talent show for hairdressers? That’s a narrative in the making,” Rossano reflected. He envisioned a platform that would propel the next generation of hairdressing talent into the spotlight.

Rossano is optimistic that his HairStyle: The Talent Show will continue to revolutionize the hairdressing industry and envisions this show as a platform that will ignite a new wave of passion and creativity among aspiring hairdressers. Rossano believes that by showcasing the artistry and skill involved in hairdressing, the show will elevate the perception of hairdressers, celebrating them as artists and visionaries in their field. Produced by Shine Iberia, the same creators behind hits like “MasterChef” and “The Voice,” HairStyle: The Talent Show offers a unique and inspiring insight into the world of hairdressing, encouraging the next generation to pursue this craft with the same fervor and respect as seen in the culinary arts. 

image of Rossano Ferretti with the co-hosts of the US edition of HairStyle: The Talent Show and the cast members.

The Show Structure 

HairStyle: The Talent Show is structured to captivate and educate. In each episode, 10 contestants go head-to-head in multiple challenges in the hopes of winning a prize worth $150,000 to kickstart their own salon. For the U.S. version of the show, (which is available to watch around the globe in the countries listed below), Rossano enlisted Los Angeles-based hairstylists and owners of Nine Zero One Salon Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee to co-host and judge, assisting him in the search for the next big name in hairdressing in the United States 

The show unfolds in a format similar to culinary shows like “MasterChef,” adding prestige and excitement to the world of hairdressing. Allure fittingly described it as “Project Runway for hair enthusiasts.”  

image featuring all the special guests/influencers from each episode of HairStyle: The Talent Show.

Celebrity Judges and Episode Breakdown 

Excitingly, each episode featured a different celebrity guest judge — like Allure editor-in-chief Jessica Cruel, reality star Cristine Quinn and singer Pia Mia – to name a few! 

Each guest judge shared their perspectives from the fashion and beauty industry and were matched with challenges that were as diverse and exciting as the judges themselves, where the contestants were tasked with creating their own signature looks, applying hair extensions, men’s hair and beard grooming, kid’s hair as well as showcasing curly and textured hair, the bridal hair challenge and more. We were proud to see Rossano Ferretti Parma’s high-quality hair products being used to support the contestants’ incredible talents in each of these challenges. 

The Ferretti Metodo Cut – the grand finale 

In the climactic final episode of HairStyle: The Talent Show, Rossano Ferretti introduced a monumental challenge to the contestants by demonstrating his iconic Ferretti Metodo Cut live on stage – a first for television. This technique, a hallmark of luxury and precision in hairdressing, typically exclusive to Rossano Ferretti HairSpas, is performed only by a select group of stylists known as Rossano Ferretti Metodo Directors. The complexity of this cut lies not only in its intricate technique but also in the use of Rossano’s own specially designed scissors and texturizing scissors, making it a unique art form in itself. The contestants, accustomed to various hairdressing techniques, faced a daunting task in replicating this elaborate style, a process that normally takes months of dedicated training.  

Despite the immense pressure and the intimidating prospect of mimicking Ferretti’s masterful work, the contestants found inspiration in watching the Maestro at work. Observing Rossano’s precision and artistry firsthand was both a challenging and exhilarating experience for them, pushing their boundaries and enriching their understanding of the craft. This episode not only tested their skills but also deepened their appreciation for the art of hairdressing, embodying the spirit of inspiration and aspiration that HairStyle: The Talent Show aims to instil in its audience. 

image of Rossano Ferretti cutting hair during one episode of HairStyle: The Talent Show.

Rossano’s Reflections 

Reflecting on the contestants’ performances, Rossano commented, “The creativity and passion I’ve seen in this show have reaffirmed my belief in the bright future of our industry.” His delight with the winner was evident, “They not only showcased exceptional skill but also unique artistry”. Within Rossano Ferretti Parma, we always emphasise the importance of uniqueness and celebrating your authentic self. 

An International Phenomenon 

Rossano Ferretti Parma, as a brand, has always celebrated the art of hairdressing. With the global host and head judge Rossano Ferretti at the helm, the show was filmed in five different versions – for Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and the USA, each tailored to resonate with its audience. 

image showing Rossano Ferretti with the co-hosts from all editions of HairStyle: The Talent Show (US, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico).

In Conclusion 

HairStyle: The Talent Show is more than a competition; it’s a testament to the transformative power of hairdressing. It’s a show that not only entertains but inspires and educates, much like the philosophy of Rossano Ferretti Parma. As we continue to watch these talented hairstylists shape the future of hairdressing, we invite you to explore our own world of innovative and unique haircare experiences at Rossano Ferretti Parma. 

Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes insights from HairStyle: The Talent Show, by following Rossano’s personal adventures on Instagram @therealrossanoferretti. Let’s celebrate the art that is hairdressing, together. 

Ciao for now!