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How to Get Glossier Hair: Rossano Ferretti’s Guide to Glossy Hair Care

Bold and beautiful is our Italy – but our lush landscape would be dull without the sparkling ocean that caresses the contrasting coastline. The deep, inviting blue water adds to our Italian enchantment! Call it a “finishing touch,” if you must! Just like the sea completes the place that gave birth to our brand; nourished, healthy-looking hair with a glossy sheen will complement your natural hair beauty – and we guess that’s why you’re here!

But first –

What is Glossy Hair?

Why do some people have fabulously natural glossy locks while others battle with dull, lifeless strands? The answer lies in science, and it’s all about the condition of the hair fibre.

Healthy hair fibres can reflect light like a mirror, creating a brilliant and wonderful shine. Scientists call this “specular reflection”. Brittle, damaged hair, on the other hand, produces what’s known as “diffuse reflection”. Here, light is scattered instead of reflected. The result is hair that appears lustreless, which mamma mia nobody wants!

So, what does this mean for us, friends? It means that to get that glossy shiny hair we all desire, we need to work on encouraging and enhancing specular reflection.

From shampoos and hair masks to following a healthy lifestyle, here’s how to get glossier hair:

Use a Nourishing ShampooImage of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Dolce nourishing shampoo and the satin glow booster spray

Use a sulphate-free shampoo like our Dolce Repair & Nourish hair cleanser to clean your hair and remove product build-up without stripping your locks of natural oils. These natural oils are what help to keep hair fibres in what we refer to as condizione ottimale (optimal condition!). Our Dolce Shampoo also has strabilianti (amazing) hydrating properties to keep dry and dull hair silky, soft and beautifully shiny.

Make Scalp Care a Priority

We often neglect our scalps; however, the RF team makes it a priority, hence the introduction of our indulgent Prodigio Scalp Scrub – an invigorating product that uses naturally derived ingredients such as mandarin, peppermint, and olive kernel powder to gently reinvigorate and exfoliate your scalp. A healthy scalp equals healthy and shinier hair growth!

Retain Moisture with a Nourishing Mask

Parched (aride) hair strands have rougher cuticles. Since we know that rough hair fibres appear dull, hydration is key to getting shiny locks. If your hair is looking extra dry, try a restorative hair mask like Dolce Repair & Nourish. Infused with shea butter and fruit oils, this mask will take your hair from dull and thirsty to vibrant and illuminated!

Turn Down the Heat (or Avoid It Altogether)

Heat can lead to dryness. Hot styling tools and even rinsing your hair with hot water can eventually strip your tresses of natural oils and leave the cuticle in a vulnerable state. So, when you wash your hair, try to use cool or lukewarm water as much as you can to seal the cuticle and lock in that bellissimo shine! And if you must style with hot hair tools, apply professional styling products that contain protective qualities to create a barrier against heat damage.

Add Instant Gloss with a Hair Shine OilImage of a model holding Rossano Ferretti Parma's Brillante protect and shine oil

There are many indulgent hair products on the market, but we’re convinced that for ultimate shine, our Brillante Protect & Shine Oil is THE BEST! No Lies! Inspired by summers on the Amalfi coast, this award-winning (we’re allowed to boast!) non-rinse shining oil has been specially formulated to deeply hydrate, seal, and protect hair from the sun’s power, whilst adding an extraordinary glossy sheen. Si – it’s “shine” in a bottle!

Nurture your body

One way to have healthy shiny hair is to nurture your body from the inside. For example, eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water can give your body the nutrients it needs for naturally healthy and glossy locks. Some vitamin pills can also be good for your hair, but wholesome foods are always a winner! (Always consult your doctor before making any dietary / lifestyle changes). We are familiar with the phrase “you are what you eat,” (sei quello che mangi) and believe that a radiantly healthy body results in hair that radiates!

Achieving a glamorous mane of glossy, shiny hair is not impossible. With the right hair care products, a healthy lifestyle, and a little dedication, you can illuminate the streets with hair that, si, turns heads!