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4 Steps to Party Ready Hair

Do you want to stand out in a crowd? Perhaps you just want party hair that holds its shape and lustre during the festivities?

In this guide, we look to our very own Rossano Ferretti Parma hair experts for advice on how to create the very best party ready hair! Even our hair maestro, Rossano Ferretti himself, has a few words to add!


Here’s our easy 4-step guide that will help you to achieve fabulous party hair, in a flash:


1. It Starts with the Perfect Hair Wash

Essentially, your party hair should start with a nourishing hair wash, one that sets the ideal foundation for healthy hair that’s fresh and manageable. Choose the right shampoo for your hair type,” says Rossano Ferretti. “A good shampoo is one that’s free of harsh chemicals,” he continues.

party ready hair

Our suggestions:

Complete your hair wash routine with a quality leave-in conditioner, one that will moisturise and protect your hair without weighing it down.


2. Prep Your Hair for Heat

Please don’t underestimate this step! Prepping your hair for heat and protecting it from harsh elements plays a huge role in ensuring that your strands are smooth, sleek, and easily tamed. In this regard, moisture is key!

Rossano advises that you should choose a protective serum, mousse, or spray that has high moisturising properties to keep your locks supple and healthy after your blow-dry.

Our Dolce Satin Glow Booster is as beautiful as it sounds and is ideal for dry hair. If your hair is ultra thick or coily, then you’ll want to get your hands on our taming Intenso Smoothing Serum. Going for a perfectly straight frizz-free look? The divine Velluto straightening serum is your answer.

**What’s great about these products is that a little goes a long way and a small almond-sized application is enough to give spectacular results!

We also have the best luxury volumising and texturising products on our shelves. Lift your roots and add volume to your hair with the award-winning Grandioso Volumising Spray or add texture to choppy “dos” with our Favoloso Movement Spray – and then add some hold with our amazing non-sticky no-gas styling mousse.

All these products should be applied to damp hair before blow-drying and styling.


3. Blow Dry and Styleparty hair

This is where you see the styling products and protective sprays work their magic.

“As a rule of thumb, try to dry your hair on a low setting”, says Rossano. “This way, you can dry your locks without excessively stripping them of moisture”.

“And – if you want to boost your styling results, I suggest you make our Satin Glow Booster your new best friend”!

This luxury haircare product boosts styling results by detangling, reducing breakage and reducing colour loss, whilst adding a velvet-like sheen.


4. Finishing Touches

Before you and your glamourous self head out that door, we suggest that you add a touch of shine as a last step. Enter Brillante Protect and Shine Oil. This oil can be applied to wet or dry hair, it smells like heaven, and it deeply hydrates and protects hair from harsh “party elements” (such as smoke, indoor heating, and dry air). It also adds a stunning glossy sheen to your tresses – let’s just say that it really puts you in a party mood!