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Dermatologically Tested Haircare: our well-being manifesto

At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we understand hair as a canvas of expression, a terrain where artistry meets individuality, and a dynamic reflection of one’s inner self. Hence, we consider haircare not as an optional luxury, but as an essential component of self-care. In the quest for impeccable hair health, the role of dermatologically tested haircare products cannot be understated.


Image of a woman with long, straight, gray hair.

In our sphere of luxury haircare, we believe that dermatological testing isn’t a bonus, but an integral part of our creation process. We understand the skin, scalp, and hair as intricately connected parts of a delicate ecosystem that demand careful, considered care. In prioritizing dermatologically tested products, we assure a gentle, yet effective, approach, honouring the complexity of this ecosystem.

Dermatological tests look for ingredients that might cause allergic reactions or skin sensitivities. The significance of this is multi-layered, affecting not only the health and vitality of hair but the skin, the scalp, and indeed, the hands of hairdressers who regularly handle these products.


Image of a girl showing her scalp.Prioritising scalp care

Our scalp, often overlooked, is an extension of our skin, sharing its sensitivity and vulnerability to harsh chemicals. A harmonious scalp environment is vital for healthy hair growth, texture, and shine. Dermatologically tested products promote a balanced scalp biome, minimising the risk of irritation, dryness, or excessive oiliness. They provide nourishing care, ensuring that the natural beauty and vitality of your hair are never compromised.


Image of a girl getting her hair washed at a hair salon station.Kind to hairdressers’ hands

Additionally, in recognising the pivotal role of hairdressers in the hair care journey, we see the necessity of creating products that respect their well-being. Regular exposure to non-dermatologically tested products can lead to irritations, skin conditions, and even long-term health consequences for these vital artisans of beauty. By ensuring dermatological safety, we not only care for our clients but extend this care to the devoted hairdressers, celebrating their craft while prioritising skin health.


Creating harmony for sensitive skin

Moreover, a sensitive or reactive skin type should not be a barrier to experiencing luxury haircare. We believe that everyone deserves the joy of gorgeous, healthy hair, and dermatologically tested products work to prioritise skin wellbeing and amplify our commitment to inclusive beauty.

Image of an adult hand holding a child's hand.

The final word

In conclusion, at Rossano Ferretti Parma, the importance of dermatologically tested haircare transcends product formulation. It is an ethos, a reflection of our unwavering commitment to holistic health, impeccable quality, and inclusive luxury. It underpins our dedication to creating an intimate connection between artistry, well-being, and individual expression. As we explore the future of haircare, dermatologically tested products remain the cornerstone of our vision, guiding our path towards a world where beauty, health, and luxury coexist in perfect harmony.