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how to brush your hair

How to brush your hair to keep it healthy

Brushing your hair is a requirement if you want smooth knot-free tresses that flow and move beautifully. However, bad brushing habits can do more harm than good and so we recommend “brushing” up on our expert advice if you’d like to maintain hair that is shiny and healthy. With just a few adjustments, a professional hair brush, and some patience, you can boost your hair’s appearance by simply brushing the right way!

Does brushing your hair keep it healthy?

If you practice the best techniques, then brushing your hair can be one way to keep it healthy. For example, it can:

  • Nourish your hair and make it naturally shiny. Hair follicles contain sebaceous glands that produce natural oils. When you brush your hair properly, you help to distribute these natural, healthy oils throughout the lengths of your hair. This gives your tresses a delightful natural shine.
  • Stimulate your scalp. Gently moving your brush over your scalp can stimulate blood flow and encourage hair growth. The result is thicker, stronger and healthier strands over time.
  • Remove loose strands. If you’re prone to hair fall and find that your clothes are constantly covered in your hair, then brushing your hair once or twice a day will surely make a difference. Gently brushing your locks will remove loose strands so that you don’t have to deal with annoying flyaways and shedding.

Choose a quality hairbrush

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's professional detangling brush.

Lovely hair starts with a luxury hair brush – one that detangles without snagging your strands. Without a fraction of a doubt, we can confidently recommend our Professional Detangler Brush.

This brush has been ergonomically designed by expert hair artists and is comfortable to use whilst offering ultimate performance. It glides through tangled and knotted hair with ease and can be used on all hair types (and on wet or dry hair).

Heat-resistant bristles and a vented body make it the ideal blow-dry companion and you’ll be able to style your hair without wrist fatigue. It really is the tool for smooth, frizz-free, healthy hair.

Are you frequently on the go?

Try out the mini version of the Professional Detangler Brush if you travel often or if your days have you on the move. This brush is conveniently compact and will find itself a snug spot in your handbag, a compartment in your car, or in your laptop case.

Work your way up

Right – you have the best hair brush in your hand. What’s next?

If you are in the habit of hastily dragging your brush from your roots through to your tips, then STOP! Tugging on tangles can cause your hair to snap, leaving you with broken hair that’s frizzy and hard to tame.

The trick is to work on your tips first and then slowly work your way up. Hold sections of your hair between your thumb and index finger and gently loosen knots before running a brush through the lengths.

Detangle your hair before you wash it

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Dolce Satin Glow Booster

This is a mistake many of us make, we head into the shower thinking that the running water will help detangle our hair. But this is certainly not true! If your hair is knotted before you wet it, it’s only likely to get more so during and after a wash. It’s best to detangle your hair before you apply water and product, this way the shampoo and conditioner can be applied more evenly to your strands for optimal results.

Treat wet hair with care

Did you know that hair swells by an average of 25% when it’s wet? This makes your wet locks akin to a taut rubber band. So, if you’re going to brush it roughly in this state, you can expect your strands to snap easily. The solution is to gently brush your wet hair using a wide-tooth comb or a professional detangler brush. If you can, allow your hair to air dry a bit before you brush it.

We also recommend spritzing on a de-tangling spray like our Dolce Satin Glow Booster or the Vivace Leave In Conditioner.

Remember to keep your brush clean

Brushes can easily collect residue from products that you have applied to your hair. This residue can gather dust and become greasy. The result is greasy hair! Make sure that you remove strands from your brush and rinse it regularly – this will help to keep it in the best condition so that it can return the favour and keep your hair in the best condition.

Our founder and world-renowned hair artist would like to leave you with the last bit of valuable advice:

Always brush your hair carefully, ensuring you are using a professional detangling brush that is gentle on strands and reduces breakage. After all, the key to healthy hair is how good you take care of it…

– Rossano Ferretti