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How to Care for Your Hair Ahead of a Salon Appointment

Let’s be honest – few (to none) of us pitch up at the salon with hair that’s perfectly prepped. We’re there to place our hair in the hands of professionals for a luxury hair care experience, so why put effort into washing, nourishing, and even brushing it beforehand? The thing is, dear beautiful people, is that how we care for our locks pre salon appointments can determine the overall results. In other words, it’s in YOUR power to enhance that “just stepped out of the salon” experience.

In this article, we rule out the myth that you should go to the salon with dirty or “unkept” hair. The reality is that most hair artists prefer working with a relatively clean canvas when creating their best masterpieces. We’ll also throw a few other useful tips your way – you’re welcome (prego)!

According to our very own world-renowned hair maestro, Rossano Ferretti, there are certain things we should all be doing to enhance our results at the salon, no matter what treatment we’re in for.

“A pre-salon hair care routine will provide you with the best outcomes and will also encourage your salon-fresh look to last longer,” he says.

Want to Know How to Care for Your Hair Ahead of Your Salon Appointment? Grasp onto this hair expert advice:

Tip 1: Start detoxing your hair at least one week before your salon visit. Take a break from hot styling tools, avoid chlorine if you swim regularly, and lay off the colour-toners. This detox will help your hair to be in its best condition prior to your hair treatment. This advice especially applies to those going for colour treatments. Why? Because the healthier and stronger your hair is, the more your stylist can achieve with colour!

**Achieve hair strength using professional hair salon products such as Prodigio Regenerating Treatment. This intense pre-wash mask uses over 95% naturally derived ingredients to replenish and strengthen hair. The result: bellissimo!

Tip 2: Give your hairstylist the clean canvas they desire by thoroughly washing your locks the day before your appointment. Note – by washing your hair the day before, you give your scalp a chance to build a layer of natural oils overnight, which can help to protect the skin on your head from any chemicals that are applied during your treatment.

Use a hair and scalp scrub to cleanse your locks and remove all product build-up.  By removing this build-up, you remove any lingering product chemicals from your hair. These chemicals may upset any treatments your stylist has planned for you and can hinder the hair goals you had in mind.

“If you use many products on your hair, swim frequently, or feel your hair is extra dirty, use a deep cleansing shampoo or scalp scrub to ensure your hair is clean and prepared to receive any colour or treatment services safely and effectively,” says Rossano Ferretti.

Tip 3: Love your long, luscious locks? This tip’s for you!

If you’re planning on keeping as much of your length as possible but you’re in dire need of a trim to rid yourself of those dead and split ends, then fortify your hair with hair oil days (“weeks” if you want the best results) before your visit to the salon. The healthier and stronger your hair is, the less your stylist will need to trim to leave you with smooth, healthy, and strong tresses!

What does Rossano Ferretti suggest for this? None other than our award-winning Prodigio Regenerating Oil, of course!

Infused with natural ingredients such as avocado, rosemary, and almond with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants – Prodigio Regenerating hair supplement is a powerful potion that effectively repairs and renews damaged hair! As a bonus, the formula can be used daily to seal split ends while protecting your locks from further damage. Amazing, right?

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