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How to use hair pomade

Pomade. It’s a classy word that rolls off the tongue. But it’s more than just fun to say. A good pomade can easily become your “must have” hair product, and for good reason! Whether you like slicked-back “dos”, enjoy shiny stylised locks, or need to tame frizz on your updo, our pomade formula is designed to help shape hair whilst adding a glossy sheen.

But let’s backtrack.

What is a hair pomade, exactly?

You’ve seen it written on beauty products, magazines, and billboards. But what’s behind the word “pomade?”

Directly translated from French, pomade means “ointment.”

For the record, most pomades are soft and gel-like or waxy in texture – almost like a very stiff moisturiser.  The purpose of the product is to deliver hold and shine to hair. Modern pomades are designed for different hair goals and can therefore vary in texture and even colour.

Men and women alike use pomades to whip hair into shape, with lasting hold to boot!

How to use hair pomade?

You don’t need a degree to know how to use hair pomade, but for the best results, there is a technique you may want to follow!

Rossano Ferretti Parma's Favoloso Style & Shine Pomade.First – pick your product!

Every product is unique, which means application advice may differ slightly. However, the general concept remains the same.

Once you’ve picked your product, you continue with the steps below.

But before you do so, we’d like to use this opportunity to introduce you to Rossano Ferretti’s very own Favoloso Style & Shine Pomade. After meticulous testing, this brand-new luxury hair product found its way to our designer haircare collection!

Boasting a delectably creamy texture, this effective formula works beautifully with all hair types. It aids styling by helping to shape, sculpt, define and add shine to hair, all in one. Having been vigorously tested within our global network of the world’s best hairdressers and haircare experts, they say this is *THE* best and most effective pomade on the market (even if we do say so ourselves!).

As a plus, there are no harmful ingredients, and the pomade is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free!

And now we move on…

Work on a fresh canvas

Pomades work best on clean hair that’s free of product build-up. This fresh “canvas” allows the product to work its magic without interference from sticky residue.

So, when you have your chosen pomade on hand, the next step is to wash or rinse your locks.

Note: Favoloso Style & Shine Pomade has a silky soft and pliable texture, which means it can easily be used on damp or dry hair – the choice, dear reader, is yours!

Emulsify a small amount to your fingers

Now the fun begins!

Apply a small amount of pomade to your fingers. The idea is to start with just a little (walnut sized) dollop, and then build up if necessary. Then, gently rub your fingers together, allowing the formula to spread and slowly warming upwith the friction.  When it’s distributed evenly across fingers, it’s ready to apply to your hair!

Man adjusting his hair in front of a mirror.

Apply to your hair

Target the roots first to take control of the style you want and to influence the direction of your hair. Depending on the style of your hair, you may need to apply all around your head.

*This is why it’s important to warm your pomade and spread it to your fingertips prior to application. Your fingers will help you reach the base of your hair so that you can massage in the product.

How to use hair pomade for short hair?

For short hair, you can use your fingers to comb the product through your locks. This method allows you to manipulate your hair so that you can create the desired definition.

Woman adjusting her hair in front of a mirror.

How to use pomade on long hair?

Hair pomade for long hair works best on updos or ponytails and braids that could do with flyaways being tamed and ‘patted down’ with a little bit of product. It’s also great for taming those hairline baby hairs!

How to use pomade on curly hair?

Do you want to add definition to your curls without weighing them down? Once again, Favoloso Style & Shine Pomade is your go-to!
Use this pomade to sculpt your curls by gently scrunching sections of your hair with your fingers. This technique will help to tame frizz, too!

Last, blow dry or even better – air dry!

If you applied the pomade to damp hair, then the final step is to dry your locks. You can continue to blow dry OR you can leave your hair to air dry. Both methods produce stunning results!

In particular the Favoloso Style & Shine Pomade is the perfect on-the-go companion and can be used to maintain your hairstyle no matter where you are.

If you’re still not sure how to “pomade” your way to gorgeous hair, you can watch this short video for inspiration:

Ciao (for now)!