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Oscars 2020

The Best Hair Looks from the Oscars 2020

The Oscars 2020 has come and gone but the fabulous fashion, make-up, and hairstyles will be talked about for days and remembered for decades. While some Hollywood celebrities walked away with awards, others used flawless pouts, glowing complexions, and stunning hair to make their statements.


As pioneers of natural hair, we were thrilled to see so many natural hairdos at this year’s awards. We loved the sleek and loose locks, the choppy waved bobs, and the subtle hair accents that proved less can be more.

Reflecting back on the red-carpet moments, let’s discuss some of the cuts, styles, and colours that stood out to us here at Rossano Ferretti.

Our Favourite Looks

Starting with our favourite looks, we’d like to put Zazie Beetz, Natalie Portman, and Camila Morrone in the limelight. These stars are beyond beautiful but at this event, in particular, they were all queen-like and they wore their crowns with utmost sophistication, style, and glamour.

Zazie Beetz flaunted her natural coils in an all-natural top puff. This is a daring style but the stunning The Joker actress pulled it off and had the crowds mesmerised. Her hair was light, airy, and had fabulous movement. Keep your curly hair soft with our Dolce shampoo and mask

Natalie Portman now has every second woman considering going for the chop after she flaunted her choppy, laid-back bob. This is a classic style with just a slight touch of whimsy. The blunt but textured look was effortlessly done and the end result perfectly portrayed her chic and elegant look. Try our Favoloso Spray to achieve this textured style.

Camila Morrone left us in awe with her gorgeously long and loose waves and effortless look. She set the prime example that healthy and natural hair is enough to impress the red carpet. Use Brillante to give your loose hair a radiant glow like this glamorous model.

Other Looks We Liked

While Zazie, Natalie, and Camila took our breath away, there were still many other fabulous hairstyles that made our jaws drop (and in a good way).

Here are a few more celebrities who we feel deserve a mention:

Charlize Theron stood firm to the statement that less is best and she went with a minimalist approach (which she’s done at many previous Oscars too). From the front, her hair looked like your average short crop with a sleek side parting. From the back, however, her hairstylist added just a hint of allure by weaving an elegant accessory into her hair.

Penelope Cruz and Kaitlyn Dever chose to keep their locks long and loose with a sleek blow dry. Penelope kept her hair to a centre path while Kaitlyn opted for a side path. Both of these actresses pulled this minimalist look off and flaunted sleek hair (with not a strand out of place). They both also looked just lovely in their classic gowns.

Lily Aldridge also let everything hang loose but with a softly slicked “do” that kept her rich brown locks flowing down her elegant back. She kept her hair in a classy centre-part and her dark tones were complimented by a dainty pair of ruby earrings.

Scarlett Johansson, as stunning as ever, chose a simple updo that drew attention to the tattoo on her upper back. And instead of securing her strands in place with clips, she tied them up with silver string for a cool and edgy look. Her blonde locks were glowing and we think that this may be what attracted us to the simple and loose updo in the first place. For your own glowing locks, you can add our award-winning Prodigio hair supplement to your hair regimen.

Margot Robbie served up an amazing look with her soft and glossy waves. This hairstyle complimented her off-the-shoulder dress and was accentuated by her striking red lips intended to create a sculpted, modern take on an old Hollywood style.

Beanie Feldstein drew our attention with her timeless waves that fell just perfectly. Beanie’s hairstylist said that she wanted a regal 1950’s classic Hollywood look – and with he 1950’s inspired dress, we think they both hit the nail on the head.

We also loved the young actress Julia Butters with her daring top-knot messy bun. The hairstyle complimented her youthful and innocent appearance and accentuated her high cheekbones. She looked like she had just stepped out of a fairy-tale movie and we look forward to what this star will bring to the fashion table in the years to come.

Any look you would like to recreate for a special event?

Here our suggestions to help yourself to achieve your favourite hair style:

  • Start with keeping your hair in healthy condition and choose the ideal shampoo and conditioner or mask for your hair type, as Grandioso range for flat hair, Dolce range for very dry, curly hair and hair extension, Intenso range for thick unruly hair and Vita for depleted and fragile hair.
  • For natural wavy hair with an effortless look try our Favoloso spray. It will add a soft movement and that light holding for a long lasting hairstyle.
  • Keep your hair smooth by adding a small amount of Velluto anti frizz straightening serum to your damp hair before the blow dry. For the best sleek hair look with no residues!
  • If you have thick unruly hair add a small amount of Intenso Serum before the blow dry, to make your hair more manageable silky and soft, without the effort!

For a final touch of shine add a few drops of Brillante oil or Prodigio hair supplement to your hair, and if you are using a styling tool to achieve your look don’t forget to add some Dolce Spray before your blow dry to protect your hair form high temperature and enhance your styling rituals.

The Oscars gave us all the glitz and glamour we were after and while this year’s event is over, the glorious clothes, make-up, and hairstyles have created lasting inspirations. This year promises to bring more waved bobs, straight and blow-waved locks and flattering hair accessories. Let’s see if any of these looks will follow through to 2021 as Hollywood celebrities start to plan for the next Oscar awards ceremony.

credits. Natalie Portman: Kevin Mazur | getty images. Zazie Beetz, Camila Morrone, Charlize Theron, Kaitlyn Dever, Penelope Cruz, Lily Aldridge, Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, Beanie Feldstein, Julia Butters: Amy Sussman | getty images.