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Rossano Ferretti

Travel around the world with Rossano Ferretti

Leaves change colour, boots take the place of sandals, children go back to school and parents go back to work: here you are again, dear Autumn.

We love this season of change, we even love the morning frost and fog … Maybe we can’t go to the seaside, but we can all still travel, with our imagination!

We will tell you about the cities we love – so you can dream of visiting them, without ever having to move from the couch. But that’s not all! So take notes as they will be useful when preparing your next journey.

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How are we going to choose the cities? That’s easy.

We are going to speak about places we know and love well, to give you the best advice from the locals themselves: they are the places where we work every day, where Rossano Ferretti has his salons. Monaco, Parma, Abu Dhabi, New York, just to name a few. We want to brighten your reading time with some secret tips about hot destinations around the world, through the eyes of a stylish Italian guy, Rossano Ferretti. A man who has often been hailed as having a “natural instinct for beauty”.

We can promise you, it will be exciting to receive, for free, a totally personal touristic guide, especially composed, for you, by Rossano himself.

In our blog posts you will find advice about the architecture and cultural life of each city and if you have ever been fortunate to meet Rossano personally, you would know that he is a gourmet food fan and an amazing chef. So be sure to read our best tips about restaurants, bars, delicatessen shops, eateries, pizzerias, gelaterias or whatever else we feel will delight you, with little wonderful tasting pleasures.

Moreover, we will always add helpful tips for life’s daily routine because – as the latin author Seneca used to tell – we should always be satisfied with our life to really enjoy the trip! Each time, for every fantastic journey we will do together, we want to ensure you do so with the most beautiful and fantastic hair possible and so we will also suggest, to you, a new product from the Rossano Ferretti’s range and we will tell you how to use it and why.

For a start we recommend to try the Experince kits from Rossano Ferretti just like our welcome blog these are a great introduction to the Rossano Ferretti haircare range and each of the three different kits offers a unique introduction to a hair beauty regime aimed at each customers specific needs, whether it be more volume, more control over thick and unruly hair or to manage coloured hair. Why not take a look.

So get ready to start taking notes and preparing your next holiday plan!

Remember, never stop to wonder and take advantage of Beauty in your daily routine: travelling around the world is, first of all, a mental habit.

Finally, let us invite you to savour the meditative Autumn atmosphere with a warm soundtrack by American jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington.

“Truth” is the title of his newest release, an enveloping 13-minute opus, a pensive melody swelling into a tidal wave of choral voices, thriving with gospel-infused power.

Click here to find it on Spotify