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Dolce Nourishing Routine



Nourish dry hair with the complete Dolce routine. Ideally formulated to nourish, soften & repair dry hair with over 94% naturally derived ingredients like Grape, Ginseng & Hyaluronic acid to support the needs of dull, malnourished hair. A balanced solution inspired by the contrasting Mountain & Ocean landscapes of the Abruzzo region in Italy.

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Nourishing Complete Routine

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    Nourishing Shampoo 6.8 oz

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    Deeply hydrates dry hair using hyaluronic acid, leaving hair supple & silky.

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    Nourishing Mask 6.8 oz

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    Softens, de-stresses & nourishes dry strands, leaving them smooth, shiny & conditioned.

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    Satin Glow Booster 3.4oz

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    Combats frizz, hydrates & reduces moisture loss from styling for velvety hair with a satin sheen.



Hair is given an intense moisture boost, improving & renewing overall hair health

Essential nutrients feed the hair, leaving strands silky-smooth & velvety soft

Natural antioxidants help to calm & de-stress hair, leaving it frizz-free & supple

Fruity notes of Peach & Mandarin combine with Vanilla & Caramel for memories of sweet treats

Key Ingredients

  • Aloe Vera

    Vitamins A, C, E & B12 to help Moisturize, Soothe, Cleanse, calm & improves cell renewal, for healthy scalp & hair

  • Hyaluronic Acid

    Found naturally in the body it super hydrates cells, making hair plump & appear thicker, helping to anchor hair & also aids repair

  • Shea Butter

    Naturally soothing, moisturizing, & protective especially beneficial for dry & fragile hair & skin. Healthy fats & vitamins aid cell regeneration & circulation for healthy hair, scalp & skin.

How to use


Apply a small amount of shampoo to wet hair

Step 2

Add water & massage into scalp & hair. Rinse & repeat

Step 3

Apply 1 or 2 walnut size amounts of mask & massage into lengths

Step 4

Leave on for 3-5 minutes & thoroughly rinse

Step 5

Spray Satin Glow Booster 6-8 times on damp hair. Blow-dry or air-dry