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Nourishing Shampoo 1.7 oz



Made with over 94% naturally derived ingredients like Grape, Ginseng & Hyaluronic Acid, our nourishing shampoo supports the needs of dry hair, from fine to coarse. A balanced solution inspired by the contrasting mountain and ocean landscapes of the Abruzzo region in Italy, the shampoo repairs and stimulates for beautifully soft and silky hair.

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Hyaluronic acid quickly gets moisture deep into the hair shaft to create a softened texture & helps dry hair feel silkier.


Nourishes to improve manageability whilst helping reduce breakage & tangles.


Improves the resilience of very dry hair & aids circulation to help hair growth & support a healthy scalp.


Fruity notes of Peach & Mandarin combine with Vanilla & Caramel for memories of sweet treats.

Q Does the shampoo lather less because it is sulfate-free?

A Yes, all our shampoos are sulfate-free & produce a gentle lather. Sulfates in conventional shampoos produce a lot of artificial lather but strip hair of natural oils.

Q When can I expect to see results? 

A If you have been using shampoos with chemicals it can take 3-4 washes to notice the full benefits of our more natural formulas, as it takes time for hair to naturally rebalance & recover.

Q How much do I need to use?

A Apply a quarter-sized amount to your scalp & add a little water to emulsify. Remember, only a small amount of the concentrated formula is needed for effective results!

Q Is it safe for color-treated hair & hair extensions?

A Yes, the Shampoo is safe for hair extensions & color-treated hair. It does not strip away color like harsher shampoos can.

Q Can the Shampoo help with damaged hair?

A Yes. It contains a high hydration complex to gradually release a rich concentration of moisturizing agents for instant & noticeably improved softness & hydration lasting upto 48 hours.

Key Ingredients

Aloe Vera

Vitamins A, C, E & B12 help Moisturize, Soothe, Cleanse & calm.  Improves cell renewal for healthy scalp & hair


Vitamin B, C, Minerals & Lipids regenerative properties help restore balance to scalp & hair

Hyaluronic Acid

Super hydrates cells,  thickening the hair shaft, helping to anchor hair in the scalp & aids repair

How to use

Step 1

Apply a small amount to wet hair

Step 2

Add water & massage into scalp & hair

Step 3

Rinse & repeat

Step 4

Rinse & proceed with Nourishing Mask


Ferretti Legacy


Rossano’s legacy, rooted in familial artistry & beauty.