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Hair Volume

Best Ways to Add More Volume to Your Hair: Tips from the Professionals

Are you tired of hair that hangs listlessly at your shoulders? If you’ve answered “yes”, then this article is for you! By researching the advice of our hair professionals and then sharing their valuable tips, we’ll help you to volumize your locks for an energized look that will turn heads. With the right haircut, luxurious products packed with natural ingredients and a few styling tricks from the professionals, you can revive limp hair and put that pep back into your step. Here goes!

Buy a Good Volumizing Sulfate-free Shampoo

A quality volumizing shampoo can make all the difference when you’re trying to add life to limp hair. Sulfate-free products are especially effective because they don’t weigh down your strands or cause build-up on your scalp. Try to find one that’s also Paraben free and has a high percentage of natural ingredients.  Follow up with a volumizing conditioner that can add body and fullness to your locks, and you’ll give your hair a quick “lift” in the right direction.

* Try Rossano Ferretti Parma’s lavish Italian-inspired Grandioso volumizing conditioner for instant results.

Tip: for best results, avoid applying conditioner directly to your roots and make sure to rinse thoroughly. 

Air Dry for Volume

Ditch the hairdryer on warm days and give your hair the freedom of drying naturally and in its own time. This is one way you can add volume to your hair with minimal effort. For extra volume, gently scrunch up your hair in the palm of your hands as it dries and run your fingers over your crown to lift your hair at its roots.

Tip: before you air-dry your hair, apply a non-heavy styling product to smoothen, soften, and lift hair.

Play Around with Your Hair’s Parting

Your hair is probably used to falling a certain way, either over to the side or in a middle path. By flipping your hair’s parting to an unfamiliar side, you can add instant volume at the crown. To prevent your hair from trying to fall back to its usual position, apply a volumizing mousse to secure it in place.

Tip: part your hair to the opposite side when it’s wet for a light “lift” or part it when it is dry for more height.

Boost Your Roots

An effective root-boosting product is your friend. By applying this type of product to your roots, you can manually lift your hair and set the foundation for the best styling results.  Always try to pick products that use natural ingredients and avoid harsh chemicals.

* We simply love Grandioso Spray by Rossano Ferretti Parma. Inspired by nature in the green and lush heart of Italy – this volumizing product adds natural volume to strands, raising them up for buoyancy.

Tip: root-boosters work best when applied to wet hair.  For optimal results, spritz your roots again once your hair has dried.

Apply Dry Shampoo

Most dry shampoos are innately volume-building. That’s why many hair professionals recommend them not only as a way to keep your hair clean and fresh but as a solution to rectifying limp locks. It’s the perfect volume-boosting product to use in between washes when your scalp’s natural oils start to weigh your hair down but watch out for traditional dry powder shampoos as these can cause all sorts of potential hair problems and go instead of dry shampoo crème.

Consider Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be used to not only lengthen hair but to plump it up for a fuller volumized look. Hair extensions can be matched with any hair type and with proper care, they’ll last a long time – making them a worthy investment. They’re also a volumizing solution if you prefer not to use products or if you don’t have time in your schedule for styling.

Tip: use an extension-friendly shampoo to keep your hair extensions soft and in optimal condition.


Go Retro with Rollers

Remember those big rollers your granny used to swear by? Use them! If you can leave them in while your hair dries naturally, all the better. However, if you’re in a rush, give hot rollers a go. The result is curls and waves that give your locks “bounce” and texture.

Tip: To make your volume last, mist your hair with hairspray before removing the rollers. Then, brush out and shape your curls/waves for a soft, modern look.