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Summer Holiday Hair Care Saviours for Beautiful Hair Everyday

Embark on a journey to flawless summer hair, no matter if your adventures take you to the sun-drenched shores of St Tropez, the ancient, cobblestone streets of Rome, or the serene beaches of the Algarve. Your hair can remain as breathtaking as a serene Italian vista, perfectly manageable and radiant throughout your summer retreat.

Our esteemed hair artists at Rossano Ferretti, renowned for their Italian finesse and expertise, assure us that achieving effortlessly beautiful and easy-to-maintain hair while on holiday isn’t just a dream—it’s entirely attainable. The secret lies in selecting exquisite hair care essentials and understanding your hair’s unique desires. Continue reading to uncover our curated advice on summer hair care for stunning, vibrant hair each day.

Dolce Nourishing Travel Kit
Grandioso Volumising Travel Kit
Vita Rejuvenating Travel Kit

Summer Holiday Hair Woes

Regardless of your hair type, you might notice your locks behaving a tad differently while you’re vacationing. The mix of temperature shifts, humidity, chlorine, salt water, and even the brisk sea breeze can render your hair somewhat rebellious and challenging to tame. This situation can be quite vexing, especially since so much thought and effort go into coordinating our summer attire and overall aesthetic.

Girl with red, wavy hair and curtain bangs

The trick to mastering the art of managing unruly summer hair lies in finding the right hair care products and a bit of strategic planning. For your city explorations, consider a chic chignon adorned with a few whimsical strands framing the face, ensuring your hair remains both off your shoulders and elegantly styled. Beach days might call for cascading texturized waves, while boat excursions could benefit from a sophisticated French braid, and for those evenings out, sleek, straight tresses might be your style of choice.

Armed with an understanding of your holiday hair aspirations, you’re ready to invest in key hair care treasures that will help you achieve each look flawlessly, ensuring your hair stays impeccably styled from dawn till dusk.

Elegant Travel-Sized Hair Care Essentials

The challenge of maintaining perfect holiday hair is further complicated by the limited space for packing, especially when you are limited to carry-on luggage only! Here, travel sized hair care products emerge as the ultimate solution. However, it’s crucial to choose wisely, focusing on quality over quantity to achieve the desired outcomes.

Travel-size products Rossano Ferretti Parma


For those battling fine or limp hair under the relentless summer sun, the Grandioso Shampoo and Conditioner are your guardian angels. Infused with the spirit of Italian luxury, these products bestow your hair with volume, body and bounce. The Grandioso line, boasting over 92% naturally derived ingredients and free from sulfates, is ideal for injecting life into fine or limp tresses.

When your holiday hair vision includes sleek, straight locks, the key is a duo that battles frizz and imparts luminosity without burdening your hair. The Velluto Straightening Serum, applied to damp hair, together with a touch of Brillante Protect & Shine Oil on dry hair, creates a mesmerizing effect of smooth, sleek, ultra-shiny and lustrous locks, all safeguarded against the sun’s gaze.

And for daily maintenance, the Vivace Dry Shampoo Crème is indispensable. With over 90% naturally derived ingredients and certified organic botanicals, this product allows you to refresh your style and add volume without the need for daily washing, freeing up more time to bask in the joy of your summer journey.

Achieving gorgeous, carefree hair on vacation is within your reach. With a bit of preparation and a selection of luxurious travel size (and full size) hair care products that are designed for your specific hair needs, type and texture, you can step out in confidence, embracing the dolce vita of your summer escapade.


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