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Top 3 Red Carpet Looks from the 2024 Emmy Awards

The 2024 Emmy Awards showcased a myriad of stunning hairstyles, embodying elegance, charm, and a celebration of natural beauty, much like our own philosophy at Rossano Ferretti Parma. Let’s take a stroll down the red carpet and revel in the top three celebrity hair styles that made our hearts skip a beat, embodying the essence of natural hair beauty.

Suki Waterhouse’s Signature Wispy Bangs

Suki Waterhouse, the quintessential embodiment of effortless glamour, graced the red carpet with a style that effortlessly whispers “La Dolce Vita.” Her signature wispy bangs, a delightful blend of playful insouciance and Italian sophistication, are a true testament to her unique fashion sensibility. These bangs aren’t just hair; they’re a statement, artfully balancing on the edge of whimsical and chic.

Suki, known for her often adventurous hair choices – from bohemian waves to sleek bobs – has this time embraced the natural texture of her hair, lending an air of carefree elegance that’s both refreshing and captivating. “Mamma mia, her style says ‘look at me, I am here and I am effortlessly chic!” exclaims Antonio, our esteemed Rossano Ferretti Global Educator. He admires how her bangs frame her face, lending a soft, dreamy quality that’s perfectly in tune with her playful yet sophisticated persona. It’s a style that doesn’t shout for attention, yet commands it with an understated, mesmerizing allure.

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Suki Waterhouse's Signature Wispy Bangs

Ali Wong’s Glamorous Side Swept Waves

Ali Wong, a chameleon of style known for her characters’ versatile hairstyles, truly captivated us at the Emmys. From the sleek, long hair in “Always Be My Maybe” to the playful, shorter styles in her stand-up specials, Ali is no stranger to transforming her look. Her latest choice, the side swept waves, is a glamorous tribute to the vintage era with a distinctly modern flair.

This style, a delightful departure from her typical straight locks, thanks to subtle, soft waves. It’s a look that celebrates her hair’s innate beauty, adding Hollywood drama while staying true to her roots. These waves, likely sculpted with a wide-barrel curling iron, exude a sense of la dolce vita, blending Ali’s adaptability with her natural elegance.

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Ali Wong's Glamorous Side Swept Waves

Claire Danes’ Honey Blonde Retro Bob

Claire Danes, the ever-evolving style icon, renowned for her chameleon-like ability to transform her hair to mirror the depth of her characters, has once again mesmerized us at the Emmys. Think back to her ethereal, flowing waves in “Romeo + Juliet”, or her sharply pragmatic, shorter cuts in “Homeland” – each a reflection of her diverse artistic journey. This year, Claire has outdone herself with a honey blonde retro bob, an audacious shift from her signature longer tresses and a gentle nod to classic Italian cinema!

Claire Danes' Honey Blonde Retro Bob

A bob cut, if designed using our famous Ferretti Metodo Cut, requires minimum styling where the hair’s natural texture allows for effortless movement.  The goal here would be to frame the face with a finesse that’s both bold and delicate.

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Celebrating natural beauty while adding a touch of Italian elegance is at the core of each of these styles. Whether you’re looking to volumize, add texture or enhance your natural waves, let our Rossano Ferretti Parma products be your companion in achieving red carpet-worthy hair. Remember, every strand tells a story – let yours speak of Italian artistry and natural grace.

Ciao for now, and stay tuned for more inspiration from our hair artists in the heart of Italy!