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Causes and prevention of humidity hair

At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we have very few frustrations. We’re an easy-going, passionate community that spends hours studying and perfecting hair artistry. However, there’s one challenge that frequently disrupted our days in the past, and we call it “humidity hair.” You’ve likely experienced it too, which is why you are here.

You’ve spent time treating and smoothing your hair into a soft, chic “do,” only for your strands to go awry once you head out the door. It’s frustrating, we know. This effect is even more prominent in summer when the air is humid. The good news is that our studies have led us to effective prevention methods to keep humidity from our hair. Now, life is always bene (good).

We share our secrets below.


How do I know if my hair has been affected by hair humidity?

If your hair is frizzy, poufy, kinky, or listless and flat, it’s most likely been affected by humidity in the air.

This “humidity hair,” as we call it, is a result of warm, sticky moisture bonding to our hair shafts, creating a “lift” motion that causes annoying flyaways or the opposite effect – limp, listless tresses.

Image of three girls from the back with different hair colors and styles.

How does humidity affect different hair types?

Since we all have different hair types, it makes sense that we have unique experiences with humidity. But, for the most part, humidity affects different hair types as follows –

Hair with high porosity will absorb a lot of moisture quickly. When humidity sets in, your hair reaches out to absorb the moisture in the air. During this process, the cuticle is lifted, and you’re left with frizzy, frazzled hair.  On the other hand, if you have thin, fine strands or lower porosity hair, the moisture in the air can weigh down your locks, causing your hair to go limp.

No matter your hair type, your hair will always look for moisture in the air if it’s dehydrated. This is why keeping hair optimally moisturised is your first strategy toward combating hair humidity! When your hair is hydrated, there is less room for the moisture from the air to seep in and cause havoc.

Tip: Establish your hair’s porosity by placing a strand of your hair in a glass of water. If it has high porosity, it will sink. Low porosity hair will float to the top. Medium porosity hair will hover in the middle.


Our secret – how to prevent humidity hair:

We discussed how different types of hair have their own way of reacting to humidity. This is why humidity hair prevention differs from person to person. Leaving no one out, Rossano Ferretti Parma has created multiple formulas that prevent hair humidity for all hair types. Here they are –

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Dolce nourishing routine with the nourishing shampoo, the repair and nourish mask and the satin glow booster spray.Dolce Collection – hydrates all dry hair types

Some hair types simply need a dedicated moisturising routine to prevent hair humidity. This is where our Dolce Collection comes in as an all-rounder to nourish and hydrate all hair types and help reduce frizz.

Other benefits of our Dolce collection include:

  • Hyaluronic acid helps with deep moisture penetration.
  • Nourishes to improve strength and manageability.
  • Reduces breakage and detangles hair.
  • Stimulates the scalp to improve healthy hair growth.


Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Intenso smoothing routine with the moisturising & smoothing shampoo, the softening & smoothing mask and the softening & smoothing serum.Intenso Collection – ideal for ultra-thick coarse or curly hair

Hair with very high porosity will reap the benefits of our deluxe Intenso Collection. Featuring a smoothing shampoo, mask, and serum, this trio has been carefully created to protect frizz-prone hair from the havoc that humidity stirs.

Other benefits of our Intenso Collection include:

  • Intense moisturisation and softening.
  • Silkier hair that’s much easier to control.
  • Healthier, stronger hair growth.
  • An irresistible, radiant glow.


Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Favoloso perfect curls enhancing serum.Favoloso Serum – for frizz-free, defined curls

Curly and wavey-haired guys and girls can use our rich yet lightweight Favoloso Serum to restructure and discipline curls while keeping them in place. With this formula, we’ve mastered the art of improving curls’ shape and form while preventing humidity from undoing the creation you’ve aspired to.

Other benefits of Favoloso Serum include:

  • An enhanced natural movement of hair.
  • Long-lasting curl definition.
  • Smoother, more pliable strands.
  • Hair protection from external elements.


Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Velluto straightening, anti-frizz serum.Velluto Serum – attain that sleek, smooth, ultra-straight look

Use our exclusive Velluto Serum to tame your hair into smooth, frizz-free, flowing silk. Suitable for all hair types, this formula is applied to damp hair to create sleek, straightened strands that fall neatly into place. Powerful properties like sesame seed and almond then combine to guard against humidity.

Other benefits of Velluto Serum include:

  • Soft, super relaxed hair fibres.
  • Hydrated hair that doesn’t reach out for moisture.
  • Stronger, more supple locks.
  • An indulgent sheen without weighing your hair down.


Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Brillante protect and shine oilBrillante Oil – for frizz-free hair while on the go

Brillante Oil is one for your handbag. This high-gloss oil leaves absolutely no residue on hair to weigh it down or leave it looking oily, and, as a plus, it can be applied on dry hair, so it can be applied anytime, anywhere. This means you can reduce the likelihood of humidity hair and keep your strands in place while you’re on the go.

Other benefits of Brillante Oil include:

  • Radiantly healthy-looking hair.
  • Protection against UV radiation and heat damage.
  • Sealed in hydration.
  • Silkier hair that’s more manageable.


Prodigio Oil – to tame split ends and reduce frizz

Our vitamin-infused Prodigio Oil induces healthy, deeply moisturised hair to prevent hair humidity and maintain the style you’ve worked hard to attain. The formula can be used on all hair types, even fine hair, without weighing it down.

Other benefits of Prodigio Oil include:

  • Renewed hair with sealed split ends.
  • Lustre and added hair protection.
  • Protection against harmful elements.
  • Silky strands with locked-in moisture.


Why choose Rossano Ferretti Hair products to prevent hair humidity?

There are many ways to help avoid humidity hair. From tying your hair up to avoiding the outdoors, you can easily keep each strand on your head in place. But we provide easier solutions that allow you to confidently head outdoors, holding your head high and bask in silky, radiant hair that’s tamed the way you want it. Plus, all our luxury hair collections are free of harsh chemicals and sulfates. They are also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, ensuring your hair is treated to the very best solutions that Italian haircare has to offer.


Transform humidity hair with Rossano Ferretti Parma products.