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Hair Care How To Ingredients New Releases

How to Get Super Shiny Hair

Summer is the season to let go of perfect, sleek hairdos. Instead, you’ll want to let your locks air out and flow naturally. With the heat of the sun on your side, you can ditch your hairdryer and give your hair a chance to breathe and dry in its own time. This way, you can create an effortless look that compliments summer’s carefree and breezy days. Read More
Hair Care How To New Releases

How To Get Thicker, Softer Hair

It’s natural and nourishing – we’re talking Hyaluronic Acid (HA)! Hyaluronic Acid is a water-binding molecule, contains properties that effectively work to soften the scalp and hair, leaving you with silk-like locks that are magnificently manageable. Read More
Hair Care How To Ingredients New Releases

Best Ways to Add More Volume to Your Hair: Tips from the Professionals

Are you tired of hair that hangs listlessly at your shoulders? In this article we’ll help you to volumize your locks for an energized look that will turn heads! Read More
Hair Care How To Ingredients New Releases

How to strengthen weak hair naturally

Discover how the best natural ingredients can improve hair condition, helping to retain hair moisture, improve hair growth and even slow down hair aging and reduce hair fall. Read More
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How to get perfect natural wavy hair

Embrace your hair’s authentic beauty and natural movement by incorporating our clever hints and tips and of course recommendations on the best products. Read More
Hair Care How To New Releases

Best ways to protect your hair from the sun

There’s possibly nothing better than lazing around the pool during hot summer days. But while a good dose of vitamin D is great for your body overall, too much sunshine can wreak havoc on your hair. UVA and UVB rays have the power to damage both your scalp and your locks – leaving them in a condition that may be far from healthy. Read More
Hair Care How To

Take care of your hair in the summer

Summer is upon us! For many, this means hours of outdoor time. From lazy days in the garden to brisk strolls through the park, it’s likely that you’ll be spending plenty of time soaking up the sun. Read More
Hair Care How To

How to care for and repair damaged hair

Here Are 8 simple and effective ways You Can Take Good Care of Damaged Hair for healthier, softer, stronger and more beautiful hair. Read More
Hair Care How To

How to choose the best shampoo for your hair

Oh yes, the road to luscious locks starts with one essential basic – a good wash with a shampoo that has been specifically formulated for your hair type! But with so many shampoo brands available, we understand that searching for the right product can be somewhat overwhelming. Read More
Get the Look

How to create the perfect up do

With the party season right around the corner, now is the perfect time to consider how you will style your hair for the events and parties you have to attend. Read More