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Discover Award-Winning Luxury Hair Care

Rossano Ferretti Parma is often in the press for winning the best hair care awards from prestigious competitions and publications. We’ve been recognized by established names such as Marie Claire, The Beauty Shortlist, Cosmopolitan, and more! 2022 is no exception. While we’re only in the 2nd quarter of the year, we’ve already gathered a long list of awards – and we’re ecstatic, of course!

Before we share our award mentions with you, we’d like to take a quick moment to thank all the brands, judges, and curators who recognized the brilliance and efficacy of our luxury hair care products. You are all magnifica!

Now, turning our spotlight to our products that have already won awards this year (2022), we invite you to browse, research, and shop the following collections to achieve Italian salon quality hair at home …

Rossano Ferretti Parma's Intenso smoothing shampoo with the marie claire hair awards

and the awards go to …

Intenso Smoothing Shampoo

Intenso Moisturising and Smoothing Shampoo tames the thickest, coarsest, unruliest of hair. Drawing inspiration from the vigorous hair and intense emotions of the people of Sicily and Sardinia, it only makes sense that this nourishing formula would help smoothen and de-stress hair after just one application!


  • Marie Claire – Best Smoothing Shampoo


Rossano Ferretti Parma's Vivace leave-in conditioner.Vivace Leave In Conditioner

Magic in a bottle, this is one of many of our luxury hair products that has multiple awards under its belt! Vivace Leave In Conditioner is a formula that can be sprayed onto your hair to hydrate, detangle, condition, and protect it in its wake! Fortified with over 93% natural ingredients, this revolutionary vegan hair product is perfect for all hair types and softens hair without weighing it down.


  • Beauty Bible Awards 2022 – Best Leave In Conditioner
  • Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 – Best Intensive Conditioning Treatment
  • Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 – Best Leave In Conditioner
  • Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 – Best Deep Treatment for Afro Hair

Dolce Satin Glow Booster

Dolce Satin Glow Booster is a leave-in spray that boosts hairstyling results by detangling and reducing breakage – all while adding a velvet-like sheen! It also has super smoothing abilities and is perfect for defrizzing hair. Might we add that it has a delectable scent? Dolce Glow Booster leaves your hair with a subtle, harmonious scent of nectarine, patchouli, and jasmin.


  • Beauty Bible Awards 2022 – Best Frizz Smoother
  • Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 – Editor’s Choice Beauty Winner

Dolce Repair & Nourish Shampoo

This sulphate-free shampoo is worth all its praise! Dolce Repair & Nourish Shampoo deeply nourishes, softens, and controls the driest hair to leave it soft, silky, and ultimately manageable! Infused with natural ingredients such as grape, ginseng, and hyaluronic acid – this is a formula that effectively cleanses hair without stripping natural oils from your locks. The result: capelli favolosi (fabulous hair)!


  • Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 – Best Shampoo

*Also see Dolce Shampoo & Mask – Beauty Bible Awards 2022 – Best All Round Shampoo & Conditioner below.

Rossano Ferretti Parma's Dolce nourishing routine with the nourishing shampoo, the repair and nourish mask and the satin glow booster spray.

Dolce Shampoo & Mask

Receiving an award as a duo, next we have our Dolce Shampoo and Dolce Repair & Nourish Hair Mask. While Dolce Repair & Nourish shampoo gently cleanses hair and restores moisture, Dolce Nourish & Repair Mask works to deeply hydrate & condition dry locks so that they are softer, silkier, and more manageable than before!


  • Beauty Bible Awards 2022 – Best All Round Shampoo & Conditioner

Softening and smoothing mask from the Intenso line by Rossano Ferretti Parma.

Intenso Softening Mask

Intenso Softening and Smoothing Hair Mask is one of our luxury professional hair products that targets thick, coarse hair that’s in dire need of deep hydration. Apply the formula to your locks after the Intenso shampoo to benefit from softer, smoother hair that’s easier to tame and style into those fabulous “dos” you have in mind.


  • Intenso Mask – Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 – Best Hair Mask

Velluto Straightening Serum

Looking for irresistibly smooth and shiny locks worthy of the red carpet? Velluto Anti-frizz Straightening Serum is your go-to! Inspired by winters in the Italian Alps, this intense formula uses extreme smoothing and de-frizzing properties (drawn from nature) to offer a no-fuss straightening solution.


  • Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 – Best Hair Smoother / Straightening Treatment

Prodigio Oil

Prodigio Regenerating Hair Supplement can be used daily to seal split ends and protect hair – allRossano Ferretti Parma's Brillante protect and shine oil and Prodigio regenerating oil. without making it feel heavy or greasy! As a plus, this formula can be applied to wet and dry hair, which makes it perfect for on-the-go protection. The cherry on top: it adds a gorgeous subtle sheen and luster to locks!


  • Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 – Editor’s Choice Beauty Winner

Brillante Oil

Our list of award-winning luxury hair care products wouldn’t be complete without the addition of our ever-brilliant Brillante Protect & Shine Oil! This non-rinse shining oil combines grape seed, sunflower, and rosemary to deeply hydrate, seal, and protect hair from the sun’s power, whilst adding an invigorating glossy sheen!


  • Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 – Editor’s Choice Beauty Winner