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Here are the best products for curly hair

Let’s start with a quote from one of Rossano’s personal VIP clients: She explained, “my curls define me; they even reflect my personality – bouncy, bubbly & playful! I love this natural aspect of my hair, it’s very true to me.”

Following the rhythm of this honest and personal depiction of curly hair, this article is all about letting twisted locks come out to play! Whether your hair is curly, coily, kinky, or just a little unruly, the Rossano Ferretti team will help you embrace your curls by adding beautiful definition to the crown you were born with.


Our hair spas and collection of RF luxury hair products have been designed to fulfil a natural approach. We LOVE natural hair, and we encourage our clients to care for and maintain their tresses using natural formulas that allow their locks to fall and flow beautifully (without the need for strict styling routines).

Our hair products for curly hair follow suit! Below, you’ll find a list of the best Italian-inspired curly hair products, all lovingly packaged in sustainable bottles that will give your bathroom a suave designer look!

***All our products can be used with hot styling tools, but we encourage you to let your hair dry naturally, even on the odd occasion – just so you can see your hair take up its natural curl shape.

Enhance your natural curls by using:

Favoloso Perfect Curls Enhancing Serum

Favoloso Perfect Curls Enhancing Serum is an award-winning product that uses nourishing, natural ingredients such as bamboo, linseed, and coconut to define and enhance all types of curly hair.

Quickly tame your unruly hair and allow each strand to take up its natural shape! Plus, use this product to soften your locks so they feel as good as they look.

How to use it: Dispense a small amount onto your palm and then apply the serum onto freshly washed damp hair. Scrunch the formula into your tresses and allow your hair to air dry – or you can dry your locks with a diffuser for amplified curly results.

Favoloso Movement Spray

Favoloso Movement Spray is perfect for when you’re in the mood for natural beach waves that move beautifully in a gentle summer breeze. Inspired by summers on the beaches of Sicily, this formula uses interesting ingredients such as mallow leaf, wheat protein, and blissfully scented pomegranate to condition and soften all hair types. The result: amazing, texturised beach waves – just bellissime!

This spray can be used on damp and dry hair, making it the perfect addition to your handbag, beach bag, or your luggage. You can use it on the go without worrying about sticky residue clinging to your locks!

How to use it: Apply 6-8 pumps on dry hair to freshen your style OR apply 6-8 pumps to damp hair and use your hands to scrunch your locks into shape before blow drying or air drying.

Favoloso Volumizing Mousse

This magical formula can be used for air drying, but a blow dryer with a diffuser produces the best (most fabulous) results!

Favoloso Volumizing Mousse will provide your locks with “hold,” so that you can keep your curls shaped and volumized for longer. Ingredients include ginseng, aloe vera and vegan proteins. These natural derivatives combine to create a lightweight mousse that tames and defines hair without weighing it down or creating stiffness (told you it’s magic)!

Just a small amount is all you need for playful curls and coils!

How to use it: Apply 1-2 pumps to the palms of your hands. Then, distribute the formula into your hair from the roots to the ends. Apply more if you need to, ensuring full coverage. Blow dry as usual. Tip: Use your hairdryer’s diffuser to create natural-looking waves or curls (perfect for those straighter-haired people who want to join the fun)!

This range of Rossano Ferretti’s best products for curly hair features thoughtful formulas designed to bring luxury salon-quality hair into your home or hotel room. The products are ALL paraben-free, cruelty-free, and vegan friendly. They’re also lovingly made in the hub of fashion and beautiful things – in Italia!