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Golden Globes 2024: Our Favourite Celebrity Looks

At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we believe in the power of individual beauty over fleeting trends. This year’s Golden Globes served as a beautiful reminder of this ethos, with a showcase of hairstyles that radiated natural elegance and personal flair. Let’s revel in some of our Hair Artist’s favourite looks that stood out on the red carpet, reflecting styles that you too can embrace for their timeless appeal.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Long, Glossy Mane

Jennifer Lawrence captivated us with her long, natural-looking straight hair, glowing with a glossy sheen. This hairstyle made the perfect case for ‘quiet luxury’, speaking to those who cherish the beauty simple sophistication and the timeless elegance of long, flowing locks. For those seeking to replicate this look, the key is in the health of your hair. Lawrence’s mane is a testament to the allure of well-maintained hair, particularly as our brand’s founder and hair Maestro tells us: “her natural hair texture can be quite curly”, she proves you can embrace a new look whilst still maintaining the integrity and glow of your unique hair.

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Jennifer Lawrence with her long, natural-looking straight hair, glowing with a glossy sheen.

Helen Mirren’s Chic Chignon

Dame Helen Mirren, ever the epitome of grace, chose a side-parting slick back low chignon that beautifully complemented her features and subtle lilac eyeshadow. This style is particularly flattering for those with an oval or heart-shaped face. Mirren’s chignon, a blend of classic and contemporary, is a great choice for anyone looking to combine ease with sophistication, particularly if you’re draped in a show-stopping spaghetti-strapped gown with a dramatic shawl, in 3 shades of purple fabric!

We have to be honest, it’s a slight departure from her usual go-to hair: long and lustrous in resistance to the beauty standards put on older women where she told Vogue previously, “There’s an unspoken rule that you’re not supposed to have long hair. Or if you do have long hair, you’re supposed to have it all neatly up in a bun”. But, of course, we admire the fact that Mirren breaks the rules of conformity and typical beauty standards, whether she chooses to wear her hair long and cascading or in a stylish chignon – she proves that you can do it all, your way.

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Helen Mirren with a side low chignon.

Greta Lee’s Romantic Soft Waves

Greta Lee transformed her sharp, chin-grazing bob into Hollywood-style romantic soft waves, adding a playful yet elegant twist to her usual style. This look is perfect for those with a similar bob cut, aiming to soften their features or add a dreamy touch of romance to their appearance. If on the other hand you are looking to add texture and volume to your short hairstyle, our guide on How To Volumize Short Hair will provide you with expert tips!

Greta Lee with a short, wavy, elegant bob.

Jennifer Aniston’s Shoulder Bob (Lob)

While Jennifer stunned in her custom Dolce & Gabbana strapless dress, it was her notably fresh (and much shorter) haircut that stole the spotlight. Jennifer Aniston took to the red carpet with her shoulder-length bob (or lob cut), a significant change from her longer tresses. This lob, full of natural movement and shine, is ideal for those wanting a fresh, youthful look without sacrificing sophistication. It’s particularly flattering for oval and square face shapes, but before you consider going for the chop, read up on How To Hydrate Hair & Keep It Healthy – so that you can maintain lustrous locks, no matter their length.

Jennifer Aniston with a shoulder-length bob.

The Ferretti Metodo Cut

Find your nearest Rossano Ferretti HairSpa for access to our world famous and exclusive Ferretti Metodo Cut – the perfect way to enhance the beauty of your natural hair, in a serene and relaxing setting, designed to invigorate all your senses!

Rossano Ferretti cutting a girl's hair.

The final word – your beauty, your way.

These stars, with their varied yet equally stunning hairstyles, illustrate that beauty lies in embracing one’s individuality. At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we don’t watch trends; we celebrate the unique beauty each person brings to the table. The Golden Globes 2024 was a showcase of natural-looking hairstyles that reflect personal styles rather than conforming to the norm, and we are here for it.

Remember, whether you’re looking to replicate these looks or find a style uniquely yours, the secret lies in understanding and embracing your natural hair type and texture. For more insights on how to style hair or add a touch of luxury to your daily haircare routine, visit our blog for expert advice and tips from our in house Hair Artists.

Let’s continue to celebrate individual beauty, where each person’s natural charm is the trend we love the most.