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Shiny hair

How to Get Shiny Hair: Your Guide to Gorgeous, Glossy Hair

Hair that radiates and shines with health doesn’t have to be reserved for red-carpet celebrities and socialites who have access to the top hairstylists. Oh no. You too can have hair that’s gorgeous every day. Yes, you read right … we said e.v.e.r.y day.

With the right hair care routine and natural hair products at your disposal, you can wake up in the morning and head out the door with glossy hair that puts confidence in your step. But first, let’s answer the question that’s very likely on the tip of your tongue –

Why is my hair dull and lifeless?

Dull hair has certain common characteristics. It lacks lustre, has a rough or coarse feeling, and might look frizzy or feel heavy.

Dull hair can be the result of:

  • Improper hair care techniques
  • A poor diet that lacks the nutrients needed for healthy hair
  • Excessive exposure to heat, including natural sunlight
  • Overprocessing with harsh chemicals
  • Environmental conditions, such as dry, cold or polluted air
  • Using harsh hair products or the wrong products

Shiny hairOn the bright side: getting glossy hair back is simple. Simply follow our shiny hair tips below:

Start with a sulfate-free shampoo

Many shampoo brands include sulfates because of their amazing cleansing properties. However, these sulfates cleanse so thoroughly that they strip your scalp and hair of the natural oils your body produces along with all the dirt. This leaves your scalp and locks exposed to the elements and drained of rich moisture.

Try a professional sulfate-free shampoo that’s gentle on your scalp and strands but still optimally cleanses your hair for an ultimately fresh feel. The more natural moisture and nourishing oils you can help your hair retain, the shinier and healthier it will be.

Infuse your hair with moisture

Choose a nourishing natural conditioner with nutrient-rich oils such as shea butter or grapeseed that will actively work to smoothen out the minuscule cracks in hair follicles that create frizz and lustreless locks. Then, for extra shine, treat your tresses to a mask. We’re besotted with Dolce Repair and Nourish Hair Mask. Apply this product at least once a week for hair that’s softer, shinier, and more manageable.

Blast your locks with cold water

Unlike warm or hot water that opens hair cuticles, cold water seals them. When your cuticles are sealed, your hair shaft positions itself downwards, resulting in shinier hair. This technique helps to extend the life of color treatments too!

Shiny hair

Note: you may also want to ease up on the hair-washing. If you can, get into a routine where you only cleanse your hair every 3-4 days. This way, you can give your natural hair oils time to nourish and protect your tresses the natural way. Use a professional dry shampoo that won’t clog up your pores to keep your locks looking fresh and vibrant in between washes.

Make a detangling brush your new best friend

A professional detangling brush will glide through your hair without snagging at strands which result in frizz and flyaways. The smoother your hair looks, the shinier it will look too. The right brush will also help to increase tension when you blow-dry your hair which again – means more shine!


Shiny hairTreat yourself to “shine” in a bottle

A super quick and easy solution for how to get glossy hair is to add a treatment to your locks that has been designed for “shine”. Take Brillante Protect and Shine Oil as an example. This lightweight formula not only protects your strands from heat damage and the sun’s UV rays, but it also adds an instant glossy sheen with absolutely no greasy residue. It truly is bliss in a bottle!

You can also try Prodigio Regenerating Oil. Made from naturally derived ingredients such as Avocado, Rosemary and Almond with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this luxury hair care product can be used to repair and smoothen hair. Smooth hair = shiny hair!


A tiny dollop of serum can go a long way

Prep your hair with a hair serum before your blow-dry. Serums can make hair more manageable by smoothing out the cuticle for a silky look and feel. As a rule of thumb, stick to lightweight formulas that won’t weigh your hair down. A quality serum has the potential to nourish even the thickest and coarsest of locks, adding a brilliant shine as it tames flyaways and makes your hair fabulously soft.


Do you see? You can have shiny hair, it’s possible! What’s more, is that you can do it all the natural way. All of Rossano Ferretti Parma’s hair care products have been created using natural ingredients. Absolutely none of the formulas have been tested on animals and are also vegan-friendly. And so now you know how to make your hair shiny, it’s time to glow!

For more information about all things Rossano Ferretti be sure to read more on our blog – we regularly update it with the latest news and industry insights. If you’re ready to enjoy super shiny hair then book your appointment at any of our luxury destination hair spas around the world.